Ableton Live for Newbies: Learn How to DJ!

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Ableton is a recording software that you can also use for DJing. Above is a beginners’ tutorial on how you can learn to DJ using this awesome program.



4 Responses to “Ableton Live for Newbies: Learn How to DJ!”

  1. Ryan James says:

    I’m a big fan of Ableton, and I took a quick glance through your DJ course. It actually looks pretty good, especially for those who are just starting out. Great job =)

  2. Great tutorial, even better program. Highly recommend to all.

  3. Kris Mullins says:

    Great video and lots of info. I was told about ableton from my friend who does special effects. Can you use this with cdjs? I would like to go fully ableton but i use other equipment as well, like co2 stuff ( and am all over the stage. So can you use it to strictly dj or just produce?

  4. Botox says:

    Great that you really enjoyed Fäviken and got a chance of speaking with Magnus and Johan. I hope to get a chance to experience the winter season as well.

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