Eric Clapton’s $4.75M Custom Ferrari Footage

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The latest to join the league of stars who own a Ferrari is award-winning singer and performer Eric Clapton. Few photos have been released previously and just few days ago, a video of his new custom Ferrari being released from a London dealership hit the web.

Dubbed as SPC-12 EPC for “Special Project Car, number 12, Eric Patrick Clapton”, the specially designed car took two years to finish and costs a whopping $4.75M. It is a tribute to the singer’s favorite 70's Ferrari 512BB which he crashed. The SP12 is based on a Ferrari 458 Italia, powered by a V-8 engine, features a two-tone color scheme, oversize wheels, angular headlights and other special additions coming from different models of different eras.

See Clapton’s new toy being delivered to his home in this vid.

2 Responses to “Eric Clapton’s $4.75M Custom Ferrari Footage”

  1. CMS Girl says:

    What a sweet ride. Kudos to Eric Clapton for purchasing such a stylish whip. And in red too. I’d take a Ferrari SP12 any day. Who’s buying?

  2. Web Design says:

    Oh, stunning! I can only imagine the power in that car! I think my favorite part is the wheels. Low profile, big rims! Absolutely beautiful and precise!

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