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Do you consider yourself as a gadget freak? If so then you’ll definitely be able to relate with these guys, The Gadget Gurus. Enjoy listening to their podcast as they discuss the latest happenings in the world of tech and gadgets.

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In their latest episode, Vic Webb, Donny Benfield, and guest co-host Bill Stebbins start off the show by talking about Apple TV’s current UI design which was said to be rejected by Steve Jobs 5 years ago. Other topics of discussion included was Facebook’s response to reports about employers asking for their employees’ Facebook passwords, and whether it’s really worth upgrading your iPad or not. But I think the two main highlights of the show is where they talk about the best routers and especially the part when Vic and Donny ganged up on Bill for his preference of the Android phone over the iPhone, which they both own. You just have to hear it yourself. ;)

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  1. These guys did a cool podcast about Apple’s recently acquired Nest thermostat. It’s internet thermostat that you can control from your Iphone. Convinced me.

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