8Bit Envy Podcast Discuss First Person Shooters

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Our featured podcast for today comes courtesy of EGMNow.com, a site dedicated to bringing you the latest in news, previews, reviews and more when it comes to the video game industry. The name of the podcast is 8 Bit Envy, and it’s hosted by Editor-In-Chief Justin Fenico.

In this particular episode, Justin decides to try something a little different as he is joined by Dusty, Eric and Ken. Instead of doing the usual, which is simply talking about the news, they thought they’d focus the discussion on one specific topic: first-person shooters.

The guys take a look at the upcoming FPS games which are going to be released this year and then share their thoughts on what they expect (and hope) to come with it in terms of features and game play. Of course, one can’t simply just talk about the new without mentioning anything about the old so a trip down memory lane was only expected as they get nostalgic about their favorites of yesteryear.

Another thing you just can’t avoid when talking about first-person shooters, again of course, is the never-ending comparison and debate between the two [still] currently leading titles in terms of FPS games: Call of Duty and Battlefield.

You can listen to the episode here. Hope you enjoy.

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