Judge Ordered a Review of Chris Brown’s Record

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It is confirmed that the singer has recently failed a drug test in June but a judge has rescinded his probation.

After assaulting his then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009 he is currently on probation. The singer tested positive for marijuana but he excused that he had smoked it in California where he has a medical marijuana card. He was still warned by Judge Patricia Schnegg  telling him: “You are not an ordinary person who can sit in your living room and do whatever you want to do. More importantly, a lot of people look up to you, a lot of kids. What you do and what you say impacts a lot of people."

As per judge Patricia Schnegg, the entire case needs to be moved back to California where he presently lives. She ordered a review scheduled for November 1 about Chris Brown’s record regarding how many community service hours he has rendered and a review regarding the violations in terms of his travel restrictions.

The singer was sentenced to a  five-year probation but he should render 120 hours of community service such as graffiti removal, roadside clean-up, and other community service tasks. Chris Brown’s Lawyer, Mark Geragos said that he had already completed all of his community service in Virginia.

Rihanna posted on Twitter when Chris headed to court saying:

"I'm praying for you and wishing u the best today! Praying for you baby, my best wishes are with you today! Remember that whatever God does in our lives, it is WELL DONE"

Chris posted:
"Thank u so much," he wrote back. To his devotees, he posted, "I love you team breezy. I appreciate all the dedication you guys show at all times. Glad to inspire positive change. I love all the fans and supporters. Back to work. 'Don't judge Me' video is ready. Coming soon."

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