Kristen Stewart Caught on Camera Wearing Old Shirt of Rob

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On her way to the Toronto International Film Festival, Twilight star Kristen Stewart was caught on camera wearing the same T-shirt that Rob was wearing last 2011 and it is very big on her so either it belonged to Rob or the two have his-and-hers T-shirts. She was also caught wearing a gold ring that most people say was a gift from Rob. It seems she's still keeping Rob close to her heart.

She will also be promoting her latest drama, On the Road.

The premiere will be held on September 6 and this movie promotion in Toronto will be her first red carpet appearance. She has been very nervous about her public appearance and is worried that her personal issue might affect critical reception on her film.

The media has been banned from asking her questions about her personal life and has been strictly told that questions about her cheating scandal are off-limits because she's been worried over the film's premiere.

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