Lindsay Lohan Purportedly Faked Pneumonia To Bail Out Of ‘Scary Movie 5′

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If you were to ask the production crew of Scary Movie 5 to give you a candid opinion on what’s it like to be working with Lindsay Lohan, they’d probably tell you that it’s been like hell. After all, wouldn’t you feel the same way if your schedule keeps getting moved indefinitely because of just one person?

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The New York Post reported that the Mean Girls star has been hijacking the production timetable, forcing everyone to work to her schedule. According to a Hollywood insider, Lohan has been missing every meeting for the film, including script reads, wardrobe meetings, and skipping rehearsals altogether.

So now, rumor has it that the 26-year-old actress has been intentionally avoiding the shooting. The reason? She was unhappy with her scene which she believes was making [way too much] fun of her. “It was pretty hard at Lindsay,” said one source, “she’d been freaking out about it for weeks.”

Latest reports indicate that she tried to get a doctor to write a note saying she had walking pneumonia but that didn’t seemed to work out as LiLo was threatened with a lawsuit and was also provided with a private jet to escort her to the set.

A representative for Lohan denied the stories saying they were “untrue” and that her client is “willingly fulfilling all of her obligations.”

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