Fans Debate Over Extended Scene Of ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ First Trailer

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Paramount Pictures has just released the first official teaser trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness and it came in two variations: a US version and a Japanese version. So what’s the difference? The latter contains a scene not shown in the US version. Why? We can all only speculate, but regardless of what the reason is, both Paramount and director J.J. Abrams might as well give each other a pat on the back for creating quite a buzz about the movie, particularly among Star Trek fans.

In the final seconds of the trailer in the Japanese version, the additional scene showed an image that drew a debate between the fans regarding the villain and the fate of one of the possible main characters, whose identity is also being questioned.

Almost every major Hollywood and entertainment news site that featured the trailer has readers commenting and debating on which classic Star Trek character they think is going to make an appearance in this much anticipated sequel and what their role will be as far as continuity of the story is concerned.

Check out both versions of the trailer below.

US version:

Japanese version:

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