Monster Men Ep. #33: Top 10 Christmas Villains

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Given that we now have 12 days left until Christmas, I thought that it’s only fitting that I feature a podcast channel with a Christmas special. There are lots of podcast episodes out there now dealing with the Yuletide season but all of them were pretty much about the same topic, and so I decided to go for something a bit different, thus I present to you the Monster Men podcast!

Hosted by Hunter Shea and Jack Campisi, their program covers all things horror, sci-fi, and the paranormal. And they discuss it with a sense of humor and macabre.

Aside from their main website, you can also watch all their videos on their YouTube channel (MonsterMen13). Moreover, you can also check out their Facebook page and tell them there what you think about the episode.

On their latest episode, join the duo as they honor the rogues gallery with their list of Top 10 Greatest Christmas Special Villains. After all, Hunter says, “some of the most memorable and beloved characters of the season are the bad guys.” So who do you think did they decide to put on the top of the list: the Abominable Snowman, Scrooge, the Grinch? Watch their video podcast and find out who it is! You’ll be surprise who they picked.

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