Out of Control Katt Williams Jailed After Bar Fight

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Photo credit: Coweta County Sheriff’s Office

Stand-up comedian and actor Katt Williams didn't have much to express amusement about this weekend after he was arrested in Seattle for after allegedly threatening a bar employee with a pool cue in a fight. In another bar incident, the comedian admitted that he flicked a cigarette that hit a nearby woman right in the eye, according to the Police Department.

According to a report obtained by TMZ, the comedian was brought to the King County Jail around 6:30 in the evening last Sunday to investigate him regarding his offenses, which were harassment and obstruction of the law. The actor has been released from jail on Monday morning.

According to the Police Department, Williams “brandished a pool cue at a bar manager and refused to leave the business. He picked up a pool stick, raised it up and pointed it at the manager's face. The manager continued to state if he hadn't stepped back the stick would have hit in the face."

Last week in Sacramento, he was also reported to have slapped a Target employee in the face, caught on video. 

Officer Michael Virgilio wrote in his report, "He stated he had been arrested over 30 times in the last few months and every time he was released prior to being booked into jail. He made comments regarding my employment with the city of Seattle and how it would end as a result of his arrest. Williams stated he had millions of dollars and this arrest would not affect him. Williams became aggressive and resistant and his actions forced me to take him to the ground for a short period of time. He was subsequently placed in the back of my patrol car."

Hundreds of fans were frustrated when the actor took off his clothes and challenged people to fight him but the comedian’s representative has not answered yet after the media asked for comments regarding those incidents.

Watch the latest news about Katt Williams below:

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