Demi Moore Spotted in Miami with New Boy Toy

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Image source: Femcafe.Hu

Demi Moore seems to like younger guys and is known for it. After her failed marriage to Ashton Kutcher, she has moved and is now seen romancing her rumored 26-year-old boy toy at the Soho Beach House in Miami.

A witness said that the two were making out publicly.

Moore, 50, is said to be dating Vito Schnabel, who is even 8 years younger than Ashton, after she met him in India in November. She's rumored to be attending Vito's annual Dom Perignon party, where we may expect more public displays of affection.

Vito, on the other hand, was known to have dated older ladies like Elle MacPherson and Liv Tyler.

Jay-Z Chats With An Old Woman On The Subway

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Image source: Dailymail.Co.UK

That sweet old woman didn’t know that she was having conversation with Jay-Z on the New York City subway while Jay-Z also didn’t know that he was chatting to an established artist who’s got her own throne in the art world.

Ellen Grossman, 67, is a successful Brooklyn-based artist and long-time New York resident like Jay-Z. After the hip-hop icon sat down on the available seat beside Ellen, she asked him, “Are you famous?” after noticing the commotion around him.

The rapper earned $500 million after he sold a total of 50 million albums and won 14 Grammy Awards for his work, but he humbly replied to an old woman, “Not very famous, you don’t know me but I will get there someday.”

Here’s the transcript of the video:

Ellen: Are you famous?
Jay: Yes. Not very famous, you don't know me.
Ellen: I don't know you, but...
Jay: But I'll get there some day.
Jay: My name is Jay. What's your name?
Ellen: Ellen. What do you do?
Jay: I make music.
Ellen: Did you just do a performance?
Jay: I'm on my way to the performance at the new Brooklyn arena.

After that, he mentioned that he has just completed eight shows and he will be heading to the Barclays Center, his last route, where he will perform his final show.

Ellen: Oh, fabulous!
Jay: I performed eight shows, actually... This is the last show.
Ellen: And you're going by subway?
Jay: Yes.
Ellen: I'm proud of you. Say your name again, just so I get it.
Jay: Jay. Jay-Z.
Ellen: Oh, you're Jay-Z! I know about Jay-Z.

Image source: Dailymail.Co.UK

The hip-hop icon used to pass in J/Z subway line to head back home when he was young. Later he took on the name for himself.

This coincidental meeting was filmed as part of the famous hip-hop legend's new concert documentary. The two songs he created, Brooklyn Go Hair and Where I’m From will be included as part of his 24-minute documentary.

Watch the short documentary here, which includes footage of his exchange with Grossman:

Chris Brown Posts First Return Tweet

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Image source: Sandrarose.Com

Look who's made a comeback into the Twitterverse! Hiphop singer Chris Brown has posted his first tweet after leaving the popular social media site for the whole week because of a word war between him and comedy writer Jenny Johnson.

And so far, there's no negative posts from the controversial singer. His tweet simply says, “#CarpeDiem,” a hashtag to promote his latest tour.

With his return, his legions of followers have welcomed him back, but although he's mellowed down and is taking baby steps, after his questionable posts on Instagram with Rihanna and smoking joints have made the public and media raise their eye-brows.

His Carpe Diem tour wraps up in Paris this coming Dec. 7 .

Matt Damon Confirms Joining George Clooney In Monuments Men

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In an exclusive interview with E! News, Matt Damon confirmed that he’ll be joining his former Ocean’s Eleven co-star George Clooney in his latest directorial effort Monuments Men, a film about a group of art historians and museum curators who are out on the hunt to recover stolen artwork by the Nazis that are in danger of being destroyed during the final days of the second World War.

Image source: TVGuide

Negotiations between the two actors have been reported earlier before but now it seems they have already reached an agreement and is now set to begin working together again. And if you think that having these two together in one film still isn't enough to have a box office draw then you have another thing coming. Also among the cast are the likes of Daniel Craig, Cate Blanchett, Bill Murray, John Goodman, Jean Dujardin, and Downton Abbey’s Hugh Bonneville and Bob Balaban. (Whew!)

The film is an adaptation of Robert M. Edsel’s titular true-to-life book and is said to commence shooting come this January in Europe.

And lastly, I know what some of you are thinking, “Why not throw in Brad Pitt into the mix as well to complete the Ocean trifecta?” which is a fair and good question. Let’s just hope that Mr. Clooney would at least make a statement as to why it can’t happen.

Real Prince Charming Liam McIntyre Proposes to His Girlfriend at Disney World

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Photo source: Starpulse.Com

The year 2012 has been full of celebrity engagements and weddings and now it looks like Spartacus star Liam McIntyre is joining the list.

The 30-year-old actor recently proposed to his girlfriend of two years, Erin Hasan in Disney World, Florida, of all places.

After a fairy tale-inspired makeover session, Erin was then treated to a romantic dinner where McIntyre showed up dressed as a prince, where he popped the question. Of course, the proposal would not be complete without a huge sparkler to go with it!

Erin told People magazine, “Liam had one of the characters from Cinderella come to my door. They then took me to a room and I got a makeover, and they had custom-made me a dress based on my three favourite Disney princesses. Liam was waiting outside dressed as a prince and then we had a private dinner with all of my favourite food. Finally he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!”

If that wasn't enough, Liam himself designed his fiance's engagement ring.

“It is massive. It’s got two pink diamonds on the side, 150 diamonds in the whole ring. Plus eight is my lucky number, so Liam put two eights on the ring and filled them with diamonds. It’s got two music notes on both sides and because I play Glinda in Wicked, Liam imprinted the picture of the wand with a diamond in the middle.” Erin said of the ring.

The 30-year-old actor is planning to marry Hansen in early 2014 in Australia.

Cate Blanchett In Talks With Disney For Cinderella Remake

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Just in case you still haven’t heard, Disney’s gearing up to start production on a live-action re-imagining of the classic fairytale Cinderella, and the first person they decided to invite and be a member of the main cast was none other than Cate Blanchett.

Image source: JustJared

Blanchett is now currently in negotiations with Disney to play the role of the main character’s evil stepmother. The film project, which has yet to even have an official title, will be directed by Mark Romanek (One Hour Photo, Never Let Me Go) and written by Chris Weitz (The Golden Compass, About A Boy). Simon Kinberg (X-Men First Class) is assigned to produce.

The project was actually first set up back in May of 2010, when writer Aline Brosh McKenna (Devil Wears Prada) pitched it over to Disney after their success with the live-action adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, which starred Johnny Depp.

Personally, I think the role would suit Blanchett well as I recall her playing the villain in the movie Hanna [2011], co-starring Saoirse Ronan and Eric Bana.

With all these various fairytale princesses being remade, be it live-action with a dark theme (e.g. Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Maleficent) or 3D animation (e.g. Tangled), one can’t help but wonder who’s going t be next. Beauty and the Beast? The Little Mermaid? Time will tell, I suppose. But if you were to guess, who do you think they’d do a remake next? Share it in the comment section.

Hayden Panettiere Caused Car Crash after Running Red Light

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Image source: Examiner.Com

Heroes star Hayden Panettiere ran a red light through an intersection as her BMW collided into a Geo Prism, according to TMZ.

An eyewitness spotted the actress turning in the right lane through the intersection when the other car swerved into the actress’ lane instead of turning in the left lane, causing the unfortunate incident. Apparently, Panettiere was partly responsible for the crash, though she and the other driver avoided serious injury. Both cars had to be towed away from the accident.

While working on her hit show Nashville, Panettiere managed to conceal the accident from media, but she has not made a comment now that it's out of the bag.  Hayden posted on her Twitter to thank the Nashville police department: “Thank you to the Nashville police department. Was in a scary accident and they were great!”

Check out the latest news about Hayden Panettiere:

Britney Spears Debuts In’s ‘Scream and Shout’ Music Video Premiere

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There’s no question that Britney’s fans have long been waiting to see their idol return to the music scene, and now that wait’s finally over as she makes her comeback in the form of a collaboration with Black Eyed Peas’ frontman, in the music video premiere of his latest single Scream and Shout.

Image source:

Is this the start of her indefinite return or is this just a one-time deal? Whichever it is, what matters is that they get to see her performing one more time.

Britney took the time to give her fans on Twitter a heads up before the premiere as she tweeted, “Walking to the stage now but I’ll be back afterwards… cannot wait to hear what y’all think of the video!!!”

The video premiered during the airing of the US X Factor albeit just a portion of it, right before the full version of it was released online. mentioned about the collaboration earlier before when he discussed it with Billboard on the red carpet of the American Music Awards, saying that they had “been planning on working with each other” for two years.

Scream and Shout is’s latest single out of his upcoming solo album entitled #willpower, which is set to release next year, 2013. Another single he released from the album was T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever), which features Mick Jagger and (quite ironically?) former American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez.

Have a look at the music video below and feel free to tell us what you guys think.

Out of Control Katt Williams Jailed After Bar Fight

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Photo credit: Coweta County Sheriff’s Office

Stand-up comedian and actor Katt Williams didn't have much to express amusement about this weekend after he was arrested in Seattle for after allegedly threatening a bar employee with a pool cue in a fight. In another bar incident, the comedian admitted that he flicked a cigarette that hit a nearby woman right in the eye, according to the Police Department.

According to a report obtained by TMZ, the comedian was brought to the King County Jail around 6:30 in the evening last Sunday to investigate him regarding his offenses, which were harassment and obstruction of the law. The actor has been released from jail on Monday morning.

According to the Police Department, Williams “brandished a pool cue at a bar manager and refused to leave the business. He picked up a pool stick, raised it up and pointed it at the manager's face. The manager continued to state if he hadn't stepped back the stick would have hit in the face."

Last week in Sacramento, he was also reported to have slapped a Target employee in the face, caught on video. 

Officer Michael Virgilio wrote in his report, "He stated he had been arrested over 30 times in the last few months and every time he was released prior to being booked into jail. He made comments regarding my employment with the city of Seattle and how it would end as a result of his arrest. Williams stated he had millions of dollars and this arrest would not affect him. Williams became aggressive and resistant and his actions forced me to take him to the ground for a short period of time. He was subsequently placed in the back of my patrol car."

Hundreds of fans were frustrated when the actor took off his clothes and challenged people to fight him but the comedian’s representative has not answered yet after the media asked for comments regarding those incidents.

Watch the latest news about Katt Williams below:

The Sporkful Episode 144: Ideal Nacho Construction and Ratios, and First Nacho Etiquette

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If you love eating and making nachos, then you'll enjoy this discussion on The Sporkful Podcast.

In this episode, host Dan Pashman discusses the methods in creating delectable nacho dishes, with guests Lee Frank and Rachel Anderson, the people behind Nachos NY and attendees of the New York Nacho and Craft Beer Festival at Alewife in Queens.

Also, you'll find cooking methods for hotdogs, which , when combined with a hearty nacho dish, makes great party food.

You can listen to the podcast in the link above, or you can download it here.