The Animation Addicts Episode 27: Rise of the Guardians’ Frankie Franco III

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If you’re a fan of animated feature films then you’ll love listening to The Animation Addicts , a podcast that features discussions about any form of animation – be it 3D or 2D – that is shown in movie theaters.

The program is hosted by three friends who are proud to admit their obsession with animation, namely Morgan Burt, Chelsea Robson, and Mason Smith. Join them as they talk about various animation techniques and the latest news in the world of animation (especially if it involves Disney, Pixar, and DreamWorks), review current or previously released animated films, and interview people working closely in the industry.

In their latest episode, they got the chance to sit down and have a chat with Frankie Franco III (a.k.a Frak) about the recently released animated film Rise of the Guardians. Frak works for DreamWorks SKG and the film was actually his first project to work on as Production Assistant (PA). He talks about what it’s like to work with DreamWorks, and what his thoughts are about the film.

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