Will Next Xbox Require Always-on Kinect?

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Will the next-generation Xbox now require Kinect at all times?

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According to a report over at Kotaku, not only will the new console, aka Durango, be able to track up to six individuals at once and require game installations but will only work when the new version of the Kinect sensor array is plugged in.

The skeletons tracked with the new Kinect will be more advanced than the current sensor. It has the ability to sense individual finger movements and even facial expressions. The technology may be related to a patent documented by Microsoft a year ago for parental controls and limiting the number of viewers for content, based on Kinect tracking data.

The current Xbox may not be compatible with the new console, according to Kotaku’s report. Other applications and games that Durango is going to have sound really impressive for a console but if the required Kinect connection is true for the next Xbox console to work, buyers are likely to have an issue with that.

The alleged Xbox 720 patent filings propose Microsoft's next console that feature two CPUs -- one for gaming and another for different applications. The filings support some of the specific aspect discovered within a set of alleged leaked Xbox 720 documents from 2010. The 56-page set was removed from the web following an intercession by Microsoft's legal team.

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It is reported that the Xbox 720 will be released during this year's holiday season.

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