Game Night Guys

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Do you like party games? If so, then perfect because today’s featured podcast is made just for people like you in mind. Called Game Night Guys, hosts Brian and Curtis introduce a new type of game on each episode that you can go and play with your friends and family during parties and get-togethers. From classic board and traditional card games to games play online or with a pencil and paper, Brian and Curtis will first give you a little background on the game they’re about to play and the rules before they start testing their mettle as they try to figure out the game.


Have a great time listening to these guys’ hilarious commentaries as they try to compete with each other together with their guests. You’ll end up being entertained regardless of how the game finishes.

In this episode, the two are joined by an all-female cast consisting of Kandice, Kristin, and Meredith from Game Night Gals together with a new player, Wendy. Together they all tackle a game called Donkey: It’s a Kick!, a fast-paced and unpredictable card game that’s best played with a large group.

Find out more about this episode by checking it out on their official site.

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