Review: Psy’s Latest Music Video Release ‘Gentleman’

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Image source: Popdust.Com

The Gangnam Style phenom Psy is back and his latest video includes a new dance step that’s different from his previous hit.

His new single Gentleman has its music video released and posted last April 13 on Youtube. In just a matter of days, the video’s hits skyrocketed and currently has over 67 million views and counting. It seems that the Korean pop star is on a roll once more and the song is another danceable tune which features these moves that would definitely go viral.

The video received a lot of hype back in his homeland and the video also features Ga In of KPop girlband Brown Eyed Girls and members of Infinity Challenge.

If you have seen this video, you may have thought that the dance moves are new, but for the people in Korea and Kpop fans around the globe, they may find similarities with the Brown Eyed Girls’ steps in the video Abracadabra. It seems that he borrowed the steps and incorporated it in his song.

Check out both videos and see for yourself. Do you think Gentleman will reach the same record as Gangnam Style did?

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