3 Horror Films To Watch This Fall

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Fall/Autumn (Sept 22 to Dec 21) is about to start and since the holiday of the season is Halloween, and I enjoy watching movies, I thought I’d do a service to all the movie buffs out there by reminding them what movies to look out for starting this month of September.


Insidious 2 – Although Fall doesn’t officially start until September 22nd, I thought I’d still include this in our already very short list since it’s only just a few days away. This sequel starts where the first one left off. Wish I could say where or how it’s connected to the first but I can’t without revealing any spoilers about the latter. Anyway, let’s just stick with the synopsis, which is that it is a story about a family who’s trying to find a way to escape from a paranormal problem that wouldn’t seem to go away ‘coz apparently, they’re somehow connected to the spirit world. Oh, and what do you know, it arrives in theaters this Friday the 13th. Aww.

Horns – I didn’t find Daniel Radcliffe’s last horror film, The Woman in Black, to be that scary so I’m hoping that this one will fare much better. Horns is a story about Ig Perrish, a young man who has awaken one morning to find horns growing on his head, and with it diabolical powers. The movie is directed by Alexandre Aja, who also directed The Hills Have Eyes and Piranha, and wrote Mirrors (a western adaptation of a Korean horror film) and Maniac (which stars Elijah Wood). Horns arrives in theaters October 11th. Oddly, there’s still no sign of any trailer as of yet but YouTube user Rafael Alves was kind enough to share with us this nice 7-minute featurette/behind-the-scene. Let’s hope it doesn’t get taken down.

Carrie – I’m never really a fan of classic remakes but I’ve decided to give Kimberly Peirce the benefit of the doubt just as I did Fede Alvarez with Evil Dead even if it didn’t really turn out as good as I hoped it would, but I did enjoy watching it, and that’s exactly the same thing that I’m expecting to get out of this one. I just hope that Peirce did something [different] on this one that will surprise us all. Carrie arrives in theaters on October 18.

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