Benedict Cumberbatch Linked to Star as Villain in ‘Star Wars’ Episode 7

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Image source: Screenrant.Com

Disney is on a roll with a string of upcoming movies from their two acquired-production, Marvel and Lucasfilms. For Marvel, it’s going to be the sequel of The Avengers: Age of Ultron, while for the Lucasfilms franchise, it’s going to be the much-awaited Episode 7 of Star Wars. In Marvel, they’ve already announced major actors to play in films like Age of Ultron (James Spader) and Guardians of the Galaxy (Bradley Cooper).

Star Wars however has yet to name a major actor but according to some rumors, which was reported by the Film Chronicles, one name has been linked to it. Benedict Cumberbatch will soon be confirmed to be part of J.J. Abrams’ cast. It’s a very big possibility since the two have worked together for Star Trek Into Darkness.

If this is true, then we’ll be seeing Cumberbatch in two of the most popular sci-fi films of all time. He has a strong chance of casting in the film as he’s a big fan of Star Wars. Whether he’ll play as a good guy or a villain, he’s a great addition to the cast. He is said to play as Sith villain, so it will be interesting to watch him on another bad guy role. From an enemy on one “Star” universe to another “Star” that’s a galaxy far, far away, it would be sort of a record and probably be the first time that an actor and director will be part of the two rival films.

If he gets to play the role of Han Solo’s son, he could be perfect for it as well (he’s got some resemblance to Harrison Ford).

Star Wars Episode 7 is due on 2015.

Cumberbatch will be very visible in the movies as he’ll be also in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and his starring role in The Fifth Estate.

Are you in favor of Cumberbatch, a Star Trek nemesis, to be in Star Wars Episode 7?

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