DOTA 2 Overtakes League of Legends as Most Played Games of 2013

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Raptr Overtaking the popular online game as the most-played is none other than its arch-rival Valve’s DOTA 2. DOTA fans have something to rejoice about and celebrate as the game tops in North America and Europe.

Image source: Massively.Joystiq.Com

The top 20 list has been revealed and while Call of Duty: Black Ops II enjoys taking over the number one spot overall, we’re very surprised on the outcome that League of Legends has been dismantled by DOTA 2 on the rankings as well as other games including Rift and World of Warcraft. This is not the first time the latter has overtaken its counterpart according to reports.

DFC Intelligence has made this claim based on its PC Game Meter service which gets its data from multiple sources that includes real-time stats from registered Xfire users which is about 23 million. The service does not include yet browser and casual games in its report. DFC also found that both MOBAs surpasses the third most popular PC game, World of Warcraft.

DFC analyst Jeremy Miller pointed out that the usage of League of Legends has been steady since last year but the huge success of DOTA 2 is something that came unexpectedly.

However, Raptr’s data comes only to users of around 18 million and since it only caters to North America, it fails to account the huge gaming followers in other parts of the world specifically Asia. The only certainties we have here are these two factors: MOBA’s are very popular among users, and PC games are very much alive.

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