Grace Before Meals

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Filipino-American Fr. Leo Patalinghug brings you a one-of-a-kind cuisine show that is totally inspiring. His podcast show, Grace Before Meals, helps to strengthen families and communities around the dinner table.

Fr. Patalinghug is a parish priest at Our Lady of the Fields in Millersville MD, who not just preach, but also shares his cooking secrets to everyone. He is a world-renowned speaker, author, TV host and radio contributor to various topics.

Grace Before Meals aim on the center of its fundamental concept that “the simple act of making and sharing a meal strengthens all kind of relationships.”

This is a food podcast that’s not your usual show because the host is a priest, a chef/priest to be precise. If you want to eat deliciously, quickly and most importantly healthfully, then tune in here to this podcast. Your mind, body and soul will definitely get nourished.

Get inspired with Fr. Patalinghug’s way of presenting the dishes and follow his procedures for a healthy snack.

One of his video podcast teaches you how to cook this very delicious pasta recipe. Series 20: Fr. Leo’s Flat features the East and West Pasta for the Life Teen Program. Fr. Leo cooks two special meals for this episode, using the same ingredients but with a little twist in it, giving healthy diversity and delicious taste. You can check out the ingredients via this link. Take note that you can only view the recipe if you have logged in the site so I recommend to sign up, don’t worry it’s free. :)

Watch East and West Pasta for the Life Teen Program episode here.

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