Just Between Us with Dr. Jackie Black

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Web Talk Radio presents Just Between Us with Dr. Jackie Black, a podcast that talks about love and relationships. If you want to stop the turmoil and heated arguments within your relationship and build a happy ending, this is the perfect place to tune in.

Dr. Jackie Black is an internationally recognized relationships expert, who gives advice on what to do to have a healthy bonding among couples. She is one of the most beloved love gurus who has deep knowledge about marriage-minded singles who want to be successful with their family, relationship, children, etc. To be able to achieve those, they need to learn, practice and master the essential relationship success skills, must be compassionate, committed, tolerant and persistent.

This podcast helps you to understand how a relationship goes, on how to make it stronger, and that there should be give and take between you and your partner. Listen for tips and tools to build and maintain healthy relationship, marriage and make a better person as well.

Dr. Jackie Black is joined by experts as her guests and they give definitive answers to the problems that arise among couples. Each episode covers interesting topic that you shouldn’t miss.

Here’s a recent 30-minute episode which talks about finding the perfect mate. Bill Far, author of The Power of Personality Type in Love and Relationships, discuss it with Dr. Black. As everyone is looking for the perfect/ideal mate, Far tells stories and his ideas that could probably help you transform a highly strained relationships to better and help those who are seeking perfect match to find Mr./Ms. Right for their personality type.

Listen and download this episode here.

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