Mark Forward Comedy Podcast

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Let comedian Mark Forward fill your day with hilarious episodes from his Mark Forward Comedy Podcast. Together with co-host Eric Andrews, they talk about various topics and say their thoughts about them.


Topics range from ghosts stories to space to superstition to anything under the sun. Episode 17 of the podcast is about hobbies.

Everyone has their own hobby that makes their lives more interesting and Mark has something to share about that is fun to listen. He lists down 10 weirdest hobbies and discuss each of it with Eric. Some could be the worst out there, but it’s interesting to know how others make these their hobbies. The two also share their own opinions about it, making this episode worth listening.

One of the hobbies mentioned that made it through the list was playing dead. I didn’t realize there is such a hobby like this and it’s very surprising to know. If I’m going to make my list, I will definitely include it there. A 47-year old guy with six kids introduced this kind of hobby and he first published photos and videos of himself on his website in 2005 doing different positions of playing dead.

This will make you drop off your seat as the site got millions of visitors, approximately 32 million hits! Wow, that’s one weird hobby which made someone a big internet celebrity.

What are the other weirdest hobbies that made in their list? You got to listen to episode 17 to know it.

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