Peter Serafinowicz and The May Birds in Shaun Keaveny: Live and Languorous at the Pleasance

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Shaun Keaveny is host of the Live and Languorous at the Pleasance and the show brings you tons of comedy for everyone’s enjoyment. Keaveny, who also has written a book, made his debut with the Pleasance in 2012 and since then, he gets to perform every month.


The Pleasance theatre has been one of the most exciting Fringe theaters in London since 1195 and it became a launch pad for upcoming artists and memorable productions.

The podcast features live stand-up comedy performance that will surely make you laugh. Just be reminded that some of the jokes here are explicit so parental guidance is very well be advised.

In this featured episode of Live and Languorous at the Pleasance, it’s a part two of the latest Monday night congregation. Keaveny delivers his brand of comedy and invites other comedians and the audience to join him. During the set, he tells some stories that are hilarious and even sing some lines. He’s one of the most entertaining guys in the scene and this is definitely a fun episode to listen.

Joining him over is Peter and they discussed various topics, from Daft Punk to Star Wars, to Sir Paul McCartney and many more. Closing this awesome show is The May Birds, an all-female soul and folk quarter based in London.

Listen to the episode here.

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