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Bringing you information about everything you need to know is the podcast called Radiolab. The show is about curiosity that gives you ideas, trivia and all important stuffs be it on medicine, technology, music, life and more.

Radiolab is heard on over 300 stations and supported by the National Science Foundation and Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. The show’s staffs include hosts Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich, Sean Cole, Brenna Farrell, executive producer Ellen Horne, Tim Howard, Dylan Keefe, Lynn Levy, Andy Mills, Malissa O’Donnell, Pat Walters, Molly Webster, and senior producer Soren Wheeler.

From one interesting episode to another, Radiolab definitely gives you deeper knowledge and at same time will entertain you as well. The show has wide variety of topics discussed which brings in a lot of diversity.

One episode titled Dawn of Midi is about Jad’s love of the band Dawn of Midi. Their music is somewhere in between the acoustic and electronic sounds, playing real acoustic instruments that has an electronic feel and sounds like the latter. The band has an album titled Dysnomia which is filled with heavily layered rhythms that feel both mechanical and deeply human. Members of the band are Aakaash Israni, Amino Belyamani, and Qasim Naqvi.

From music let’s go to medicine wherein they talked about rabies. The episode Rodney Versus Death is about the dreadful disease that has 100% fatality rate and they share their thoughts about it. Producer Tim Howard tells Jeanna's story and talks to authors Monica Murphy and Bill Wasik and Amy Gilbert and Sergio Recuenco.

Listen to one of its recent episodes, Rodney Versus Death here.

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