Recommended Hobbies Podcasts

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A hobby makes your life more meaningful by giving you something to do for the sheer pleasure of doing it, while taking away your stress. To make things even better, various podcasts have emerged on several hobbies, so you can easily select which one you would want to tune in.

Here’s a list of hobbies podcast that you may enjoy listening to.


Craft Sanity is a podcast hosted by Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood. The site is both a podcast and a blog for those who love all things handmade. Topics include drawing, illustration, sewing, stitching, printing, knitting, soap-crafting and a lot more so if you like crafts or any of handmade art, you’ll definitely enjoy this podcast. It is a very informative show that discuss how-to's, techniques, and news on handmade art.

Inside Home Recording Podcast
If you’re a musician who’s into recording songs and materials like I am, Inside Home Recording Podcast will guide you through it. Studios are very expensive and nowadays, you can come up with a very decent home recording using today’s latest technology. This podcast covers everything you will need for home recording set-up so this is absolutely perfect. Composer/songwriter/producer Dave Chick hosts the show along with fellow songwriter/producer/musician David Andrew Weibe.

The Season Pass Podcast
The Season Pass Podcast is a podcast that dwells on topics that include theme parks, thrilling rides and other treats related to amusement parks and its attractions. So if you like going to parks, then this podcast welcomes you as its one of the VIP’s. Hosted by experts and big fans of theme parks, each episode discusses the experiences they had on some of the most popular theme parks in the world like Disneyland, Universal Studios and more. The hosts also provide the latest updates so you will know the upcoming events that you shouldn’t miss.

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