The Automotive Hour Weekly Podcast

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Having problems with your automobile and seem can’t to find a solution? Tune in to The Automotive Hour hosted by Louis Altazan, an automotive technician and independent shop owner who has over 45 years of experience.


Altazan shares his insights about car troubles and gives you notable advice as to what to do when traveling on the road. Driving is not that fun if you experience some of those hard-to-solve car problems in the middle of the road.

The Automotive Hour allows callers to ask questions and make comments about auto repair and Altazan will answer them for you. From buying a car to diagnosing and solving different automotive problems, this podcast teaches you the tricks. The shows here are updated with new episodes available every week.

Altazan opens up interesting discussions with his guests that will definitely give us a lot of things to ponder. The tone is light but full of information so this is one of the podcasts you should check out because

Listen to the episodes or download them by visiting this link.

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