U55, First-Person PC Horror Game Set in German Subway

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image source: Kotaku

Are you ready to experience the horror you’ve never had before in a pc game? U55 End of the Line, another first-person game brings you the thrill.

The game seems to afflict Kirk and it is set in a German Subway line. Here, you’re playing as a kid trapped in the dark who only has a mobile phone to use as light to get around. It’s based on the works of HP Lovecraft, Dead Space, Silent Hill and Amnesia so imagine how frightening it will be once you play this one.

According to Kotaku U55 is hoping to include full Oculus Rift support. That would be great if ever this game could have it.

But what’s also good at playing this game is, you also get a tour from Berlin. Hats off to the developers who created it as it will take you to the city. Modern-day Berlin hasn’t been featured in a lot of games so this is definitely something to look forward. It’s like getting a virtual tour on the place.

The game combines the good location of the city, a vast metropolis with unique underground architecture. Although the setting is on the subway, it’s not a clone of Fallout, Stalker or Metro as you end up getting stranded, not having any of those heavy-artillery weapons, only being alone in the cold dark and some entities you don’t want to see and a smart phone as the only source of light (take note that these things run out of battery power so be cautious!)

Watch the trailer of this game here.

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