3 Worst Films from Summer 2013

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This summer, we saw many films that excited us before they got released, but unfortunately some of them didn’t live up to their hype when they finally hit theaters. Superhero films like Man of Steel and Iron Man 3 definitely topped the box office but other notable movies failed to break even.

So what are these films that flopped? Although there are quite a number of them, I’ve listed down three.

Starring Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds, R.I.P.D. (Rest in Peace Department), based on a comic book, is sort of a Men In Black rip-off with a supernatural twist. Although the effects were good, this is one movie that fans didn’t expect too much of and it showed on the charts. It’s just sad that Reynolds didn't get his rhythm going in terms of film projects as his previous Green Lantern flick also flopped.

After Earth
It’s good to see the father-children tandem starring in a film together but this was one of the worst. The latest from M. Night Shyamalan failed to score once again and even Will Smith couldn’t save After Earth from hitting rock bottom.

The Lone Ranger
Having Johnny Depp on the billing could mean a box office hit, right? Well not most of the time. Here’s an example of one movie that has failed by a long shot. The Lone Ranger isn’t actually a bad film, but Disney failed to release the trailer early on in what could have been major blockbuster. They did a wrong move when they released those three so-so trailers in succession before releasing the right one. If a moviegoer has seen those dull trailers, it would leave them with that first impression hence the outcome at the box office.

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