Author’s TV Show Pick: Big Bang Theory

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Since Breaking Bad has already ended, we’ve lost another great TV series to watch but good thing there’s another show that could still make us smile and let the good times roll.

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The Big Bang Theory gives us the needed laughs to make our day complete. It has become one of the fan favorites and is among the highest-ranking comedy shows, with millions of followers all over the world. It started out in 2007 on CBS and currently runs its seventh season which premiered on September 26, 2013.

The show focuses on science, particularly physics, but what makes it interesting to watch is the chemistry among the cast. It features four nerdy friends, each with his own character that focuses on their special brand of geekiness, that becomes hilarious when they interact with one another and other more 'mainstream' characters in the show – very much like Seinfeld and his buddies, or the gang in FRIENDS, or the bar-loving bunch in How I Met Your Mother.

The show is directed by Mark Cendrowski and the cast includes Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, Simon Helberg, Kunal Nayyar, Sara Gilbert, Melissa Rauch, Mayim Bialik and Kevin Duddman.

All the characters in The Big Bang Theory are well-created and just like those great sitcoms mentioned earlier, it is one entertaining show you wouldn’t want to miss. If you haven’t seen any episodes yet, it’s never too late to begin.

To start you off, here’s one of the episodes.

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