Evil Blond Kid

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This is storytelling like you’ve never had before. Evil Blond Kid is a podcast about different stories which are “not for kids”.


Hosted by Erik Vross, he tells stories of his past experiences that tested his sense of right and wrong and share them to you in each episode. If you are wondering if he’s really blond, according to him, yes he is, thus the title of his podcast.

The stories featured in these episodes are for mature audiences, so exercise listening discretion when needed. Some of the terms used here are explicit, although there are other episodes that are not that harsh.

One of the episodes is about Erik's experience of being single and out of desperation to get himself a girlfriend, he stole someone else’s. It was a time when he’s was frustrated, lonely, and friendless because all of his friends have relationships and they can’t find time to hang out like they did before because everyone got lazy and have become unbearable to hang around with. Since everyone was busy with their own lives, he resorted to doing stupid things like stealing another guy’s girlfriend.

Listen to episode 10 which is about stealing the girlfriend.

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