Nintendo 2DS Great for Young Gamers

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When Nintendo announced its latest 2DS, many gamers have raised their eyebrows and reacted in such a way that the company must have been kidding. Just like the time when Wii was released, many ridiculed it, but it went on to become a huge success.

Image source: Popcultureblog.Dallasnews.Com

Nintendo seems to come up with such weird ideas that people quickly judge it negatively even though they haven’t tried it yet. However, the company may have the last laugh.

Britton Peele of Dallas News wrote a review of Nintendo 2DS, and like the rest, thought it was a joke. But when he finally got the chance to use it, it was game over for him! The console plays games really well and it’s comfortable. Young gamers will definitely love this.

Its name might be confusing to novices as it is called 2DS, but according to Nintendo, you can play Nintendo 3DS games on it. It is affordable and has a solid system suitable for younger gamers who may not be interested in 3D graphics. It includes a 4GB SD card and performs well on its relative 3Ds.

If you have a young gamer in your place, this is worth trying. It is available in blue and red color options.

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