StoryCorps Podcast

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StoryCorps provides people of all beliefs and backgrounds with the opportunity to share, record and preserve various stories which each of us can relate to.


Participants have shared their thoughts which StoryCorps has collected, and The American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress has preserved all conversations recorded by the participants. It is established to remind everyone the shared humanity and build connections between people and teach the value of listening.

The show's goal is for all to experience accessibility and inspire people to record and preserve the stories that are important to them. The featured stories are about different trials each face from day-to-day, humor, triumphs and more.

StoryCorps podcast episodes feature heart-warming stories from different people of all walks of life. Check them out right here.

One of the featured stories is by Thomas Weller who has spent the last 50 years helping strangers who break down on the highway. He tells about his calling to help when one night, as a teenager in Illinois, he went off the road against his mother’s wishes and experienced a very memorable incident. He almost froze to death along the way due to a blizzard, but fortunately, an unknown individual stopped and came along then helped him by pulling off his car with a chain. The person said just pass it on, and since then, he has been helping others on the freeway whenever he gets the chance. One person whom he helped even cried because no one has done such a good deed for him.

Listen to Thomas’ inspiring story here.

How about you? You might want to share and immortalize your story as well.

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