BNI Podcast Episode 340: 25 Years of BNI

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BNI Podcast has been serving up insights on business networking and word-of-mouth marketing for 25 years. And in this episode, BNI Founder and Chairman Dr. Ivan Misner celebrates the company's 25th year of service to millions of listeners worldwide.


The episode 25 Years of BNI is actually a re-airing of their 154th episode, where Dr. Misner is joined by Priscilla Rice to discuss BNI's humble beginnings as a one-room operation. Eventually it grew into a an international organization with 125,000 members, generating 2.6 billion dollars over the past 25 years!

If you're looking for a dose of business inspiration then this is one of those podcasts that I'd highly recommend, thanks to Dr. Misner generosity in sharing his extensive knowledge on networking.

Listen to the episode here or you can subscribe to the full podcast here.

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