Click Podcast 9/23/2014: Are You Feeling Safe Online?

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In the September 23, 2014 episode of BBC’s Click Podcast, host Gareth Williams talks about facial recognition, particularly about emotions, online security, satellite surveys in Kenya, and flow machines.


He is joined by Sara Brody Sinclair, who specializes in and expounds on open-source online security and communication tools. Google Glass has also integrated emotion recognition software into their technology, while satellite surveys enable herders to insure cattle in the desert, thus protecting their income, and Sony demonstrates the growth and development of creativity through the use of computers.

You can listen to the episode here for the next 30 days, or better yet, download the MP3 format here. Better yet, you can subscribe to Click Podcast on iTunes, so you don't miss any of their well-informed episodes on the tech front.

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