Gigabyte Unveils the First Mini-Itx GTX 970

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Another small, powerful, and beastly video card has arrived. Gigabyte has released the first mini-itx version of GTX 970, which is the first miniaturized Nvidia Geforce GTX 970 graphics card that is made for Mini-iTX PC.

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Don't let the size of the video card fool you -- testers have said that it has the best price-to-performance ratio. It packs a lot of power and runs at 1076 MHz base clock speed that can reach further to 1216MHz. The 1076 MHz is actually slightly faster than the base speed of the reference GTX 970 with 1051MHz. The full-size cards like the Gigabyte's GTX 970 G1 Gaming can overclock at around 1500MHz, which is pretty impressive. The full-size graphic card requires two 6-pin connectors to power it up, while the Mini-ITX 970 version only requires a single 8-pin PCI-Express power connector.

The cooler on the small graphics card has inherited WindForce's 3X design instead of the usual 3-fan design. It also has a Triangle Cool design for more effective cooling, and the fan is positioned on top of the large heat sink with a 3 copper-plated het pipes. The card runs cool at roughly around 62°C in certain games.

The card will be priced at around $330, the same price as a the full-size model and this will be the best bang for the buck card for a Small Form Factor enthusiast.

The Gigabyte GTX-970 mini-itx version will be good for those who are building a small form factor pc and it will be more suitable if you want to build an ultimate HTPC / gaming PC.

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