The Moth Radio Hour Podcast: The Conversation

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Fond of stories? The Moth Radio Hour will regale you with true, unadulterated stories that aren’t backed by scripts, notes, props, or even accompaniment. All you’ll get is tales of real life that will touch you, teach you, and entertain you.


In this episode titled The Conversation, a mother and daughter embark on 'the conversation,' that crucial exchange where a grown woman passes on age-old wisdom from personal experience to her daughter. Later, you'll also hear about the musings of a boy who, sadly, realizes that his family is poor.

Hosted by Dan Kennedy, The Moth Radio Hour podcast features several storytellers who stand alone under a spotlight, sharing their thoughts with a roomful of strangers. I love the concept of this show because it brings back to life the ancient art of storytelling -- no frills, no nonsense, just a good solid hour of human interest stories.

Listen to The Conversation here:

You can also download The Conversation in mp3 format, or subscribe to the episode archive so you don't miss anything.

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