Batman Arkham Knight PC Patch is Out

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There will be a huge improvement for the PC version of Batman Arkham Knight but the game is still unavailable due to overwhelmingly negative feedback regarding an uncooperative port.


Since then, the interim patch notes have been released:

· Optimization for system memory and VRAM usage
· Improved performance on all GPUs (requires the latest drivers)
· More Comprehensive In-Game Settings
· Fixed low resolution texture bugs
· Fixed hitches when running on mechanical hard drives (HDD)

While work is still on-going on there are the following fixes:

· Adding support for SLI and Crossfire
· Adding support for the latest DLC & Season Pass content
· Adding support for additional updates such as Photo Mode
· Continued improvements and bug fixing for a Windows 7 specific memory issue that occurs on configurations with 8GB of system RAM and some NVIDIA GPUs during extended game play
· Continued improvements for Windows 10 specific issues on systems with some AMD GPUs

Warner Bros. Interactive hasn't announced yet the revised re-release date for the PC version, and Batman Arkham Knight has been unavailable since June. It's still listed as a 'Fall 2015' release on its Steam Page.

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