Mad Max Reviews Round-Up

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Mad Max is already out now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC and it looks like there are a lot of overwhelming positive reviews from its critics.


Mad Max is an open-world game that offers a mix of vehicular combat and on-foot action that's similar to the Batman Arkham games. It was originally made to release for PS3 and Xbox 360 but was cancelled due to "hardware limitation" and instead made its way to the PS4 and Xbox One.

Check out the reviews that we have gathered below:

GamesRadar -- 4/5
"Once you get past those muddy first hours however, the world opens up and Mad Max becomes a seriously enjoyable realisation of the character."

Game Informer -- 7.5/10
"Max's adventure inevitably leads to a showdown with Scrotus, but as the story concludes you are left wondering what, if anything, was gained in this pursuit."

Polygon -- 5/10
"The film franchise has always transcended the summer blockbuster genre, providing worlds and characters and scenarios that have stuck in my mind."

GameSpot -- 6/10
"The ending, like many of the game's minor faults, devalues your struggle to survive in the harsh wasteland. It's a shame because Mad Max's world in the game is beautiful, grim, and fascinating. Some interesting characters, impressive environments and great car combat draw you in and incentivise you to keep going, but it's when you get out of the car that things fall apart."

IGN -- 8.4
"Mad Max is a juxtaposition of exciting, thrilling fun set in a world of disgusting, primal depravity – like a singing telegram informing you of a death in the family, or an ice-cream cake with your terminal test results written in frosting. "

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