SOMA Review Round Up

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SOMA is a horror game set in a research facility deep underwater. It was developed under Amnesia and Frictional Games will launch it for PlayStation 4 and PC.



Reviews have been popping up around the net and here’s what the critics have to say about the game:

PC Gamer -- 80/100
"There's all manner of horrific imagery down in those murky depths to be uncovered, and the story is unsettling. In this sense, it's a great horror game. It affects you psychologically and emotionally--often in a subtle, understated way.”

GameSpot -- 9/10
"I came in expecting something similar to Amnesia, just in a terrifying new location, but what I found is an intelligent game that forced me to think and contemplate ideas as only the best sci-fi is capable of doing.”

GameInformer -- 8.5/10
"Video games have challenged us to unsympathetically blast apart deadly robots since their earliest days.”

GamesRadar -- 3.5/5
"Most of SOMA's strength is in its story and what happens to the people involved. This is a dark and deviant science fiction tale well worth a look thanks to some uncomfortable themes and concepts.”

IGN -- 8.1/10
"SOMA is a sustained exploration of an original and thought-provoking idea. The concept of artificial intelligence has been explored by lots of science fiction, so it isn't unique in that regard, but it makes particularly intelligent use of video game conventions to present those familiar ideas in new and surprising ways.”


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