Super Mario Maker Review Round-Up

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Nintendo hit game Super Mario Maker will be released this month and a lot of reviews have already popped up around the net. These reviews will help you decide if the game is really worth it if you plan to buy it in the future.


NintendoLife -- 10/10
"Super Mario Maker is so much more than a simple level creation tool, as Nintendo has clearly invested great time, resources and thought into making it greater than its core concept."

GameSpot -- 9/10
"The first time I discovered that not only could I make a giant, flame-spewing piranha plant, but I could also make it fly, I cackled with horrible glee at the possibilities."

IGN -- 9/10
"Super Mario Maker is a great way to mark Mario's 30th birthday, but it's not concerned with being an overwrought history lesson. Instead, it's a celebration that folds three decades of Mario into one accessible, powerful creation suite."

"I keep coming back to the idea that Mario Maker shouldn't exist. It gleefully flies in the face of Nintendo's controlling nature, and gives players the means with which to theoretically render every subsequent 2D Mario game obsolete."

Destructoid -- 8/10
"Super Mario Maker is a charming little creation tool, and I'm sure fans will come up with some amazing levels for years to come."

Nintendo World Report -- 8/10
"Visually, seeing how the tools for each of the six level types look across the four different art styles is similarly magnificent."

ShackNews -- 9/10
"As you might expect, the quality of the stages themselves is pretty inconsistent. I found playing on Normal the best option, providing a nice balance between traditionally designed stage layouts and unique experiments. I particularly liked the auto-play stages, which use the full extent of moving parts to create a Rube Goldberg machine that ferries Mario to the finish."

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