How to Dress Your Age with Gavin McInnes

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Comedian and 'Godfather of Hipsterdom' Gavin McInnes provides us with tongue-in-cheek tips on dressing your age for aging hispter-wannabes. In this video, he demonstrates how 41-year-old men like him should dress, in spite of his wry declaration, "I hate shopping. I'd rather French-kiss my dad."

Ladies and gentlemen, 41 years old.

He also dispenses classic words of fashion wisdom. "I think fashion and style is a fun game and people who take it seriously miss the point, and people who don't participate miss the point. you're young and beautiful for about 20 years, dress up," he says. "Dress like a maniac when you're young and then let that go. Grow old gracefully." Now THAT'S good style sense.

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck: It’s A Boy!

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Last 27 February 2012, actress Jennifer Garner gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, and for once, his name is actually normal!

Deviating from the trend of Hollywood's hifalutin, fashionista, and dare I say, pretentious baby names, Jennifer and hubby Ben Affleck decided to name their third child Samuel Garner Affleck.

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Click on the impossibly radiant Jen for more updates from CelebTV on YouTube. 

Baby Samuel is the youngest of three siblings, with sisters Violet and Seraphina. Congratulations to the Affleck family!

Is Unfriending Now Trending?

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Adding more and more friends on Facebook is rapidly becoming passe, as unfriending becomes the new social move of the times. Apparently, many Facebook users have begun to experience the ill effects of flimsy privacy-related practices and are retreating into their comfort zones. Unfriending, after all, is still a preferable option for those who can't bear to part with their Facebook accounts.

Check out SourceFed's video on the growing unfriend trend.

Of course this would eventually happen! How many people can an average human trust, really? You might want to start pruning your friends list yourself (and stop posting those drunken party photos, LOL). And as much as it sucks to be unfriended, it does free one up to cultivate a circle of real friends -- the kind who won't unfriend you, online and in real life.




Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Album, Pretentious?

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After music mag NME billed Lady Gaga’s Born This Way as the ‘most pretentious album ever’ in a blog post, the colorful star struck back on Twitter, saying “Oh the irony of winning “Most Pretentious Album Ever” from none other than NME. *eyeroll* I might laugh forever + then return to narcissism.” And that doesn’t even include the flaming backlash from her supporters.

Whether her album is pretentious or not is up to you. Personally, I think she’s very talented and expressive, and the title should be reserved for talentless yet overly marketed hacks.

Click on Lady Gaga (yes, that really IS her!) to view her VEVO videos.

Also, the songstress is going to hold her second Born This Way ball at the Indoor Stadium, Singapore, on 29 May. If you happen to be near the area or just want to catch a glimpse of Her Highness, better get your tickets HERE, NOW. I heard it's hell getting decent seats for the show.



TEDTalks Podcasts Available for Download

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I’m a huge fan of TEDTalks, the video series featuring inspiring and enlightening discussions by luminaries from educational, business, science, social, cultural, art, and entertainment circles from around the world. In fact, my husband and I celebrated the New Year watching Sir Ken Robinson's discourse on changing educational paradigms. We saw stars!

But of course, we don't always have time to sit and view videos, insightful and engaging as they may be. Good thing the site has come up with a list of audio podcasts of  their previous dissertations, which you can download for free. Yes, free! Because enriching one's world view is priceless.

Click on the image below for your TEDucational podcasts.

Welcome to iPodder!

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THE blog is finally up, and we're looking forward to sharing the most exciting Podcasting news, events, and updates with you!

We've also got tutorials, how-to articles, and general information that will help make your Podcasting a much more rewarding experience. You can upload and share your very own Podcasts for free here. And of course, you can always check out our extensive user-built directory if you wish to listen to your favorite artists, educators, entertainers, or interviews.

Stay tuned for more from our iPodder team!