Grace Before Meals

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Filipino-American Fr. Leo Patalinghug brings you a one-of-a-kind cuisine show that is totally inspiring. His podcast show, Grace Before Meals, helps to strengthen families and communities around the dinner table.

Fr. Patalinghug is a parish priest at Our Lady of the Fields in Millersville MD, who not just preach, but also shares his cooking secrets to everyone. He is a world-renowned speaker, author, TV host and radio contributor to various topics.

Grace Before Meals aim on the center of its fundamental concept that “the simple act of making and sharing a meal strengthens all kind of relationships.”

This is a food podcast that’s not your usual show because the host is a priest, a chef/priest to be precise. If you want to eat deliciously, quickly and most importantly healthfully, then tune in here to this podcast. Your mind, body and soul will definitely get nourished.

Get inspired with Fr. Patalinghug’s way of presenting the dishes and follow his procedures for a healthy snack.

One of his video podcast teaches you how to cook this very delicious pasta recipe. Series 20: Fr. Leo’s Flat features the East and West Pasta for the Life Teen Program. Fr. Leo cooks two special meals for this episode, using the same ingredients but with a little twist in it, giving healthy diversity and delicious taste. You can check out the ingredients via this link. Take note that you can only view the recipe if you have logged in the site so I recommend to sign up, don’t worry it’s free.

Watch East and West Pasta for the Life Teen Program episode here.

U55, First-Person PC Horror Game Set in German Subway

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image source: Kotaku

Are you ready to experience the horror you’ve never had before in a pc game? U55 End of the Line, another first-person game brings you the thrill.

The game seems to afflict Kirk and it is set in a German Subway line. Here, you’re playing as a kid trapped in the dark who only has a mobile phone to use as light to get around. It’s based on the works of HP Lovecraft, Dead Space, Silent Hill and Amnesia so imagine how frightening it will be once you play this one.

According to Kotaku U55 is hoping to include full Oculus Rift support. That would be great if ever this game could have it.

But what’s also good at playing this game is, you also get a tour from Berlin. Hats off to the developers who created it as it will take you to the city. Modern-day Berlin hasn’t been featured in a lot of games so this is definitely something to look forward. It’s like getting a virtual tour on the place.

The game combines the good location of the city, a vast metropolis with unique underground architecture. Although the setting is on the subway, it’s not a clone of Fallout, Stalker or Metro as you end up getting stranded, not having any of those heavy-artillery weapons, only being alone in the cold dark and some entities you don’t want to see and a smart phone as the only source of light (take note that these things run out of battery power so be cautious!)

Watch the trailer of this game here.

SoulCalibur: Lost Swords, Namco’s Next Free-to-Play Game

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image source: Joystiq

PlayStation 3 will again thrill the gaming geeks out there as the company gets another crack of freebie from Namco Bandai.
Namco Bandai has announced its latest free-to-play PS3 games, the long-running fighting series SoulCalibur.

The free-to-play model, inspired by smartphones, has become the latest trend for the next generation consoles which gamers definitely enjoy.

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Just like Tekken Revolution, Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation, Ridge Racer: Driftopia and Ace Combat: Infinity, SoulCalibur is Namco Bandai’s newest attempt at free-to-play. The first F2P Soulcalibur will be released exclusively over PlayStation.

Let’s hope that this game will do wonders and have a good reception towards the critics and gamers as reports say that it has no multiplayer option, not-so-good news for those who want to play with their friends. The already released Tekken Revolution had mixed reactions from gamers and while Gundam are aimed at Japanese market, SoulCalibur, on the latest update, will be coming to Europe with Siegfried and Mitsurugi as two of the confirmed playable characters. Hopefully it comes to North America too.

Aside from SoulCalibur, Namco Bandai has also announced Ridge Racer Driftopia’s PC version which is now available on Steam Early Access. Its beta version has been closed last month.

Release Date for PlayStation 3’s Rain Confirmed

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image source: IGN

Rain, the PlayStation Network exclusive game for PlayStation C.A.M.P. and Acquire, will finally launch on October. A report from IGN Asia confirms this, so gamers get ready.

We will experience rain once again when it becomes available on October 1st in North America, October 2 in Europe and October 3 in Japan. It will cost $14.99.

Also, a pre-order has been announced that you can get now until September 30 on PlayStation store. It comes with a special three pre-order bonuses: dynamic theme called “Lost in the Night”, a pack of 5 hand drawn avatars called “Reflections of Children”, musical montage called “Melody of Rain,” and Static theme. The latter can be downloaded as soon as you buy the pre-order. The rest will be available on October 1.

PlayStation noted that the game will feature a song performed by Connie Talbot, an up-and-coming singer from UK who debuted on Britain’s Got Talent back in 2007. Talbot can’t hide her excitement in the interview as she shares her experiences on the challenges she had during the recording. As a way to thank all the followers of the game, PlayStation’s inclusion of this beautiful musical montage, which has awesome musical pieces and sound effects from the game, will transport you in the game’s world and let you have the adventure of a lifetime.

The exclusive pre-order contents, as what the company clears out to everyone, will not be available for sale after September 30, so make sure you mark your calendars and don’t fail for this deal.
Check out the preview vid here.

Let the countdown begins!

Just Between Us with Dr. Jackie Black

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Web Talk Radio presents Just Between Us with Dr. Jackie Black, a podcast that talks about love and relationships. If you want to stop the turmoil and heated arguments within your relationship and build a happy ending, this is the perfect place to tune in.

Dr. Jackie Black is an internationally recognized relationships expert, who gives advice on what to do to have a healthy bonding among couples. She is one of the most beloved love gurus who has deep knowledge about marriage-minded singles who want to be successful with their family, relationship, children, etc. To be able to achieve those, they need to learn, practice and master the essential relationship success skills, must be compassionate, committed, tolerant and persistent.

This podcast helps you to understand how a relationship goes, on how to make it stronger, and that there should be give and take between you and your partner. Listen for tips and tools to build and maintain healthy relationship, marriage and make a better person as well.

Dr. Jackie Black is joined by experts as her guests and they give definitive answers to the problems that arise among couples. Each episode covers interesting topic that you shouldn’t miss.

Here’s a recent 30-minute episode which talks about finding the perfect mate. Bill Far, author of The Power of Personality Type in Love and Relationships, discuss it with Dr. Black. As everyone is looking for the perfect/ideal mate, Far tells stories and his ideas that could probably help you transform a highly strained relationships to better and help those who are seeking perfect match to find Mr./Ms. Right for their personality type.

Listen and download this episode here.


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Bringing you information about everything you need to know is the podcast called Radiolab. The show is about curiosity that gives you ideas, trivia and all important stuffs be it on medicine, technology, music, life and more.

Radiolab is heard on over 300 stations and supported by the National Science Foundation and Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. The show’s staffs include hosts Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich, Sean Cole, Brenna Farrell, executive producer Ellen Horne, Tim Howard, Dylan Keefe, Lynn Levy, Andy Mills, Malissa O’Donnell, Pat Walters, Molly Webster, and senior producer Soren Wheeler.

From one interesting episode to another, Radiolab definitely gives you deeper knowledge and at same time will entertain you as well. The show has wide variety of topics discussed which brings in a lot of diversity.

One episode titled Dawn of Midi is about Jad’s love of the band Dawn of Midi. Their music is somewhere in between the acoustic and electronic sounds, playing real acoustic instruments that has an electronic feel and sounds like the latter. The band has an album titled Dysnomia which is filled with heavily layered rhythms that feel both mechanical and deeply human. Members of the band are Aakaash Israni, Amino Belyamani, and Qasim Naqvi.

From music let’s go to medicine wherein they talked about rabies. The episode Rodney Versus Death is about the dreadful disease that has 100% fatality rate and they share their thoughts about it. Producer Tim Howard tells Jeanna's story and talks to authors Monica Murphy and Bill Wasik and Amy Gilbert and Sergio Recuenco.

Listen to one of its recent episodes, Rodney Versus Death here.

Dissecting Films for the Upcoming 2013 Toronto Film Festival

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Image source: Vibe.Com

One of the most prestigious film festivals is set to kick off on Thursday and movie scribes are excited to see which film will be the next hit.

Benedict Cumberbatch Linked to Star as Villain in ‘Star Wars’ Episode 7

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Image source: Screenrant.Com

Disney is on a roll with a string of upcoming movies from their two acquired-production, Marvel and Lucasfilms.