A Belated ‘May The Fourth Be With You’ To All!

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I admit, I got so caught up with the whole zombie thing last week that I completely forgot that May is actually – coincidentally – also considered as Star Wars Month. My bad. I just hope there won’t be any debate amongst the zombie and Star Wars fans as to which pop culture deserves to get more observance during the month. So for today, I thought I’d play catch up (and make up) for the Star Wars fans out there by featuring something from one of their fellow Star Warsi— uh… umm… Jedi and Sith.

A long time ago (5 days to be exact), in a URL far, far away (just a few clicks actually) there is this podcast called Star Wars Report, a podcast that is dedicated to bringing you all Star Wars-related news from the galaxies far, far away.

In episode #44 entitled Do or Do Not, hosts Riley and Bethany talk about how the videogames Battlefront 3 and 4 got cancelled, what the Jar Jar popsicles tasted like (really), what Star Wars books fans would like to see, and a whole lot more! Click on the image to listen.

Zombie Prep Network: Are You Ready for the Zombie Apocalypse?

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In observance of the National Zombie Awareness Month (yeah, would you believe it? I was kinda surprised to find out about it too), my featured podcast for today will have something to do with – you guessed it — zombies! The Zombie Prep Network is the video podcast channel of the website with the same name (zombieprepnetwork.com), and basically, the show gives its viewers tips on how to be prepared for the zombie apocalypse.

The show just made its debut last month but it already has four episodes uploaded: three gear reviews (two of them on weapons) and a survival tip (i.e. food storage). Somehow I can’t help but think that we’ll be seeing a whole lotta weapons reviews more than anything else but their FAQ says otherwise. Oh well, I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see until more episodes are uploaded.

Episode 38: HO’s in the Woods

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In this episode of Hollywood Outsider, host Aaron Peterson with guest hosts Scott, Brian and Justin take on reviews about Cabin in the Woods and Lockout as well as the latest movie and TV news.

Listen to the witty gang’s podcast by clicking  on the image.

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CDBaby Podcast – Licensing Your Music for TV, Film, YouTube and Beyond

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If you’re an independent musician looking for a way to generate revenue then today’s featured podcast episode is just for you!

In this CDBaby Podcast episode, host Kevin Breuner is joined by Paul Anthony from RumbleFish, a sync licensing company whose job is to work in behalf of the artist with licensing their music to different media companies. So in other words, they’ll discuss how artists can license their music for TV, film, YouTube and other media. You’ll also learn what sync licensing and Micro-Sync are, and how you can take advantage of its revenue streams.

Download this episode's audio file, and check out iTunes for more episodes.

BBC Radio Olympics 2012

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BBC Radio gives you a weekly update on London’s preparations for the upcoming London Olympic Games 2012! Eleanor Oldroyd presents you the podcast with featured athletes as guests.

Click on the image to listen to all the episodes.

Festival Of The Spoken Nerd: Extra Time For Questions Podcast

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The nerds are taking over! And in this podcast Extra Time For Questions hosted by Steve Mould, Helen Arney, and Matt Parker, you'll enjoy listening to three of London’s funniest and definitely nerdiest performers.

Their podcast is basically a supplement for their live stand-up comedy gig called Festival Of The Spoken Nerd (FOTSN) which is held at different venues in the UK. But enough chatter and have a listen on their latest podcast episode entitled Bigger, Better, More Dangerous.

Check out their bio and iTunes channel!

Tech Weekly Podcast: Facebook Buys Instagram for $1B

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In this episode of Tech Weekly Podcast with Aleks Krotoski, the show talks about Facebook’s acquisition of the 551-day old Instagram for a whopping $1B. Joining Aleks is Charles Arthur, the Guardian’s technology editor and Dan Catt, the Guardian’s software development and Stuart Dredge, the guy behind the Guardian’s Apps Blog.

Listen to the episode by clicking on the image.


EEVBlog – An Off-the-Cuff Vlog for Electronic Engineers, et al.

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David L. Jones is an electronics design engineer in Australia who runs a video blog wherein he 20+ years’ worth of  knowledge to fellow electronic engineers, hobbyists, hackers, modders and makers. After watching a couple of his vlogs, the first thought that entered my mind was, 'Bill Nye the Science Guy for gadgetheads'.

Aside from sharing advice, tips and tutorials, his episodes also include product reviews and teardowns (called Teardown Tuesday). If you want a no-BS assessment or review about a particular product, just watch or listen to Dave’s reviews. I’ll just let Dave himself tell you more about what his vlogs and podcasts are all about in his introductory video below.

You can read more about him and his website HERE.

Ep 94: The Skid, the Spurs, the Seed. How important is the number one seed to the OKC Thunder?

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The San Antonio Spurs have tied up with the OKC Thunders for first place in the Western Conference. How important is the number one spot to the Thunders in the standings? Hosts Michael, Brent and Blayne put on their insights of the possible scenarios in the playoffs.

Listen to the podcast by clicking on the image.