Spreaker App for Android

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Sometime around late December of 2011, Spreaker already launched its free app for Android devices. Podcasters with Android smartphones can now broadcast live updates and share them on their social networking sites as well (it isn’t just for iOS device users anymore).

To those of you who are still unfamiliar with Spreaker, it is an online application for creating and sharing audio content across the Internet.

The app makes it easy to share audio content across social networks because it can connect with your Facebook and Twitter accounts so you can broadcast LIVE status updates! Your friends and followers can listen live or later as a podcast.

Android users click here.

iOS device users click here.

Better yet, simply visit their site  to learn more about how this cool tool can help you create your audio podcasts!

Sarcastic Gamer Podcasts

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SarcasticGamer.com is a site where video gamers can take a break from their gaming consoles and spend some time on other stuff like reading articles, writing blogs, and socializing online.

Who says that gamers are nothing a bunch of couch potatoes who do nothing else but sit around on the couch frantically bashing the buttons on their gamepads all day? They do other activities, you know, like listening to podcasts like those found in The Sarcastic Gamer, which has a nice selection of shows to choose from.

The Blu Show – This focuses on anything related to Sony and Playstation and runs for 30-40minutes every Friday. It’s probably the most popular podcast on the site due thanks to its hosts’ nonstop banter.

The Sarcastic Gamer UK – Since the site has such a huge following over the land of Kings and Queens (that’s UK for those of you living under a rock), Sarcastic Gamer thought that it is only fitting to have a show dedicated to its loyal British audience. Enter SGUK, the show that focuses on gaming-related news and discussions with segments like ‘The Great British Debate’ and ‘Motion Control Watch’.

Brown – This show is all about errr…brown humor, so if you’re looking for serious gaming news and discussions, find it somewhere else. Maybe you’ll get some advice here and there from about life and gaming from host Don Marco but basically you’ll get plenty of fun, laughter, poop jokes, and musical parodies. It doesn’t get any browner than this!

SG Flix – Like I said earlier, gamers aren’t just a bunch of couch potatoes who don’t know how to step out of the house. They go out to watch the latest and hottest flicks too! I mean, why else would they listen to SG Flix, the show filled with movie news, reviews, and some irreverent humor, right?

TEDTalks Podcasts Available for Download

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I’m a huge fan of TEDTalks, the video series featuring inspiring and enlightening discussions by luminaries from educational, business, science, social, cultural, art, and entertainment circles from around the world. In fact, my husband and I celebrated the New Year watching Sir Ken Robinson’s discourse on changing educational paradigms. We saw stars!

But of course, we don’t always have time to sit and view videos, insightful and engaging as they may be. Good thing the site has come up with a list of audio podcasts of  their previous dissertations, which you can download for free. Yes, free! Because enriching one’s world view is priceless.

Click on the image below for your TEDucational podcasts.

Skype Recording Software For Podcast Interviews

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Recording telephone conversations for your podcast can be quite tricky, so here’s the skinny on podcasters’ picks.

For interviews or calls, a huge number of podcasters prefer to use Skype. It’s free as long as you’re both on computers and it’s a one-on-one call. Plus, you can opt for video call, which you can also record! So I’ll be focusing on recording software that optimized for Skype.

Anyway, here are our prospects:

Call Recorder by Ecamm – This is actually a Skype add-on and not a standalone software. It records both Skype audio and video calls (MOV format). What users like about Call Recorder is that it records their and their guest’s voice in separate tracks. It has a utility that can split the sound input into separate files, so you can balance out the volume in the final product and hear the voices of both interviewer and interviewee in the left and right audio channels. It’s built for the Mac OS platform and comes in at about $20.

PrettyMay – Unlike Call Recorder, this one can only record audio in MP3 and WAV file formats. This too is a Skype add-on, and not a standalone software (for Windows). Aside from the free Basic version, it has 2 premium versions: Business, and Professional. Both priced at $25.

Callburner – Want something that’s totally free? Then Callburner is for you! It can also record each side of the call in separate WAV audio file (uncompressed = better quality), which gives you terrific flexibility when editing (e.g. amplifying one side, editing out noise artifacts, etc).

Pamela – I haven’t tried out this one myself but one podcaster claims that the quality is so good that it’s close enough to ISDN (provided that the person on the other line has a good microphone). But of course he also adds that you’d have to be a broadcast pro to notice the difference. Price ranges from $20, $25, and $40 depending on which version you pick.

So there you have it! Four recording software for your Skype calls during your podcast. Aside from Callburner, which is already free, you can download and try out the free trial versions of the other three to see which of them you’d think has enough features that are worth your money.

Tip: Experienced podcasters strongly advise against recording the voices on each end separately because it’ll be almost impossible for them to sync up.





Leo Laporte Podcasts

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Leo Laporte of the popular tech-related TV show which used to air on TechTV is still very much alive, thanks to podcasting. If you’ve been a tech geek ever since the late 90s then chances are you’re familiar with who Leo is — he’s the reliable and very affable guy with the signature grey hair who takes in live phone calls from people across the country with various computer problems and queries.

This on-call whiz is the star of his aptly-named TV show. So if you’re one of many who’ve been missing his classic program as of late, don’t fret. You can catch podcasts of his information-rich program (dating as far back as 2004) from his site The Tech guy Labs.

101 Films: 2012 Valentine’s Day Special

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Love is very much in the air and in celebrating the season of hearts, 101 Films brings you a special heartwarming episode where hosts Lewis and Ian discuss their all-time favorite romantic films, complete with synopses and reviews. Diehard romantic film junkies will love this one!


Click on the image above to listen to Lewis and Ian’s reviews!




The Escapist’s Media Sandwich

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Today’s featured podcast comes from The Escapist. For those of you who are not still familiar, The Escapist is an online magazine site that focuses mainly on videogame-related material.

Click on the image above to listen to Episode 1 with Chris and Kyle.

I personally enjoy watching their featured videos and their podcast show is equally entertaining! It’s called Media Sandwich, and it covers not only videogames but other media as such as movies, TV, comics, other media-related news topics. It only debuted December of 2011 and has already put up 3 or 4 episodes in two-week intervals. Stay tuned for more of  the site’s rich and interesting updates. Enjoy!


The Jillian Michaels Show

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Live a healthy lifestyle with tips from America’s Health and Wellness expert Jillian Michaels. Her podcast, Jillian Michaels Show, delivers inspirational talks that will help you become fitter with a more positive outlook.


her show also features very informative and entertaining life-changing episodes that will keep you on track and updated with the latest health and fitness trends. So what are you waiting for? Listen to her podcast HERE!          


Mic in Review: The Black Hole BH-2

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If you’re a podcaster who considers himself as a hardcore audiophile and is looking for a unique brand of microphone then you might want to check out The Black Hole BH-2 by JZ Microphones. Designed as a condenser mic, the BH-2 comes in a nice-looking cherry wood finish case. Included is a uniquely designed shock mount that snaps into the 2 pins in the mic’s center, making it look like it’s floating from the stand.

It is available with an optional custom blast filter, and it sounds great with the Tube Tech plugin. The cardioid pattern allowed for a nice off-axis leniency and very good rejection. It works well with both male and female voices, with tenors where it almost doesn’t need any further equalizing.

With a street price tag that hovers somewhere around $1,099, this isn’t what you would call your daddy’s microphone. After all, I did say “hardcore audiophile” in the beginning didn’t I?