12 Helpful Tips in Skyrocketing Your Podcast’s Popularity

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So you have created your podcast and have it listed in iTunes. Now gett your podcast out there with these helpful tips:

1.       Promo Spots
You should have a 15 to 20-second promo spot so listeners and viewers will hear more about your work. Do target podcasts that could provide overlap with your audience and contact the other podcasters if they want to swap promo spots with you.

2.       Blog Buttons
Install blog badges or buttons and provide free downloads from your website. You can also hold contests or any other promotional activity to engage your audience.

3.       Signature lines
Get a simple tag line or signature line and provide a link for downloading your podcast.

4.       Podcast directories
Submit your podcast to as many directories as possible aside from iTunes to expose your work to a greater audience.

5.       Forum
Sign up in podcasting-related forums where you can engage in discussions with other posters who are likely to be interested in listening to your work.

6.       Ratings on directories like iTunes
If you have your podcast in iTunes and other directories, encourage your audience to rate your work because top-rated podcasts shows up on top of searches. Also, take time to reply courteously to your audience when you receive any direct feedback from them.

7.       Image on directories
Make a small avatar for your podcast and submit it with your podcast listing. Great visual graphics attract attention.

8.       Business card
Aside from promoting online, you should be promoting your podcast offline as well. Place links to your podcast in your business cards so you can maximize the opportunity to get more followers anywhere you go.

9.       Signs
Create a sign or symbol to represent your podcast and strategically post it in places similar to your niche. If you have a podcast about music, then promote it at a music store, or if it’s about fitness, post signs on gyms and fitness centers.

10.   Ads
You can put up an ad on local newspaper which is an inexpensive way to spread the [printed] word about your podcast.

11.   Press release
You could have a press release written about your podcast for newspapers, magazines or local radio/TV stations. You could also hold live interviews for more audience exposure.

12.   Demo CD or DVD
Make demo CD’s or DVD’s of some of your podcast episodes or their excerpts and give them away as limited releases for free.


Spreaker App for Android

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Sometime around late December of 2011, Spreaker already launched its free app for Android devices. Podcasters with Android smartphones can now broadcast live updates and share them on their social networking sites as well (it isn’t just for iOS device users anymore).

To those of you who are still unfamiliar with Spreaker, it is an online application for creating and sharing audio content across the Internet.

The app makes it easy to share audio content across social networks because it can connect with your Facebook and Twitter accounts so you can broadcast LIVE status updates! Your friends and followers can listen live or later as a podcast.

Android users click here.

iOS device users click here.

Better yet, simply visit their site  to learn more about how this cool tool can help you create your audio podcasts!

Pilates on Fifth Video Podcast

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Sculpt your body to perfection with Pilates on Fifth Video Podcast, a video podcast that includes 10 to 30-minute free Pilates workouts and even single-move video programs. This is a great deal which can be easily squeezed into your busy schedule. Owners/sisters Kimberly and Katherine Corp started the podcast show in 2007, which offers the very best Pilates experience for everyone out there who wants to tone up.

Check out each program variation to see which one suits you best and get in better shape!








The Soup Video Podcast

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You don’t need to waste time watching lame reality TV shows when you can spend 30 riotous minutes with The Soup! Hosted by the witty Joel McHale, The Soup shows you all of the funny and pathetically great moments on [the usually crappy] TV shows that are actually worth seeing without the boring stuff.

No one is safe and nothing is sacred. If you do or say something stupid on TV, expect to be poked. It’s all in good humor of course, so if you happen to be the one roasted, better take The Soup with a grain of salt.

If I’d have any complaints about this show, it’d be the fact that it runs for only a half hour and it shows at such a late hour: 11pm (well, to me that’s late). But thanks to the wonders of podcasting, we can relive some of the show’s best segments on The Soup Video Podcast!


Mike and Mike in the Morning Podcast

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Mike and Mike in the Morning, hosted by Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic, discuss the latest fuss on the Big Apple’s Lin-sanity. Jeremy Lin, an undrafted Chinese Harvard alumni coming out from nowhere, suddenly led the New York Knicks in a lin-sational performances en route to a 7-0 win and took the whole NBA league by storm!

Listen to this episode as they speculate on what will happen next to the team after Melo suits up coming from his injury and sharing the limelight with this Asian phenom.


Sarcastic Gamer Podcasts

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SarcasticGamer.com is a site where video gamers can take a break from their gaming consoles and spend some time on other stuff like reading articles, writing blogs, and socializing online.

Who says that gamers are nothing a bunch of couch potatoes who do nothing else but sit around on the couch frantically bashing the buttons on their gamepads all day? They do other activities, you know, like listening to podcasts like those found in The Sarcastic Gamer, which has a nice selection of shows to choose from.

The Blu Show – This focuses on anything related to Sony and Playstation and runs for 30-40minutes every Friday. It’s probably the most popular podcast on the site due thanks to its hosts’ nonstop banter.

The Sarcastic Gamer UK – Since the site has such a huge following over the land of Kings and Queens (that’s UK for those of you living under a rock), Sarcastic Gamer thought that it is only fitting to have a show dedicated to its loyal British audience. Enter SGUK, the show that focuses on gaming-related news and discussions with segments like ‘The Great British Debate’ and ‘Motion Control Watch’.

Brown – This show is all about errr…brown humor, so if you’re looking for serious gaming news and discussions, find it somewhere else. Maybe you’ll get some advice here and there from about life and gaming from host Don Marco but basically you’ll get plenty of fun, laughter, poop jokes, and musical parodies. It doesn’t get any browner than this!

SG Flix – Like I said earlier, gamers aren’t just a bunch of couch potatoes who don’t know how to step out of the house. They go out to watch the latest and hottest flicks too! I mean, why else would they listen to SG Flix, the show filled with movie news, reviews, and some irreverent humor, right?

TEDTalks Podcasts Available for Download

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I’m a huge fan of TEDTalks, the video series featuring inspiring and enlightening discussions by luminaries from educational, business, science, social, cultural, art, and entertainment circles from around the world. In fact, my husband and I celebrated the New Year watching Sir Ken Robinson’s discourse on changing educational paradigms. We saw stars!

But of course, we don’t always have time to sit and view videos, insightful and engaging as they may be. Good thing the site has come up with a list of audio podcasts of  their previous dissertations, which you can download for free. Yes, free! Because enriching one’s world view is priceless.

Click on the image below for your TEDucational podcasts.

Podcasting Tutorial: RSS Feed

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Franklin McMahon of Creative Cow Podcast and Media Artist gives us a very helpful tutorial on how to write an RSS feed starting from scratch, with the programs you need, the correct iTunes tags, and how you can confirm your feeds.

To launch the video tutorial, please click on the image.





Skype Recording Software For Podcast Interviews

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Recording telephone conversations for your podcast can be quite tricky, so here’s the skinny on podcasters’ picks.

For interviews or calls, a huge number of podcasters prefer to use Skype. It’s free as long as you’re both on computers and it’s a one-on-one call. Plus, you can opt for video call, which you can also record! So I’ll be focusing on recording software that optimized for Skype.

Anyway, here are our prospects:

Call Recorder by Ecamm – This is actually a Skype add-on and not a standalone software. It records both Skype audio and video calls (MOV format). What users like about Call Recorder is that it records their and their guest’s voice in separate tracks. It has a utility that can split the sound input into separate files, so you can balance out the volume in the final product and hear the voices of both interviewer and interviewee in the left and right audio channels. It’s built for the Mac OS platform and comes in at about $20.

PrettyMay – Unlike Call Recorder, this one can only record audio in MP3 and WAV file formats. This too is a Skype add-on, and not a standalone software (for Windows). Aside from the free Basic version, it has 2 premium versions: Business, and Professional. Both priced at $25.

Callburner – Want something that’s totally free? Then Callburner is for you! It can also record each side of the call in separate WAV audio file (uncompressed = better quality), which gives you terrific flexibility when editing (e.g. amplifying one side, editing out noise artifacts, etc).

Pamela – I haven’t tried out this one myself but one podcaster claims that the quality is so good that it’s close enough to ISDN (provided that the person on the other line has a good microphone). But of course he also adds that you’d have to be a broadcast pro to notice the difference. Price ranges from $20, $25, and $40 depending on which version you pick.

So there you have it! Four recording software for your Skype calls during your podcast. Aside from Callburner, which is already free, you can download and try out the free trial versions of the other three to see which of them you’d think has enough features that are worth your money.

Tip: Experienced podcasters strongly advise against recording the voices on each end separately because it’ll be almost impossible for them to sync up.





The Adam Carolla Show

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American radio and TV actor Adam Carolla hosts The Adam Carolla Show. Listen to the hilarious episodes the comedian has to offer, with various personalities appearing on his show. Click on the image above to visit his site and see why this has ranked the most downloaded podcast ever in the Guinness World Records!