Last update: 2013-06-23

EPISODE 419 Ladies Night - 10 drink minimum

2013-06-23 :: Length: 1s
Mauro Woody, and Sage Harrington stop by for a fun filled ADD hour.…

EPISODE 419 part 2 - 10 drink minimum

2013-06-23 :: Length: 1s
Sage Harrington stuck around for the second half.…

EPISODE 418 Picketts Charge - 10 drink minimum

2013-06-16 :: Length: 1s
It's no secret that we love the Blackbird Buvette. We bring our favorite Server David Pickett in on his birthday. Kick fucking ass.…

EPISODE 418 part 2 - 10 drink minimum

2013-06-16 :: Length: 54s
We return with our friend Picketts birthday. Nothing to plug. Just drinking.…

EPISODE 417 Rocky Penasco JR Returns - 10 drink minimum

2013-06-09 :: Length: 58s
Lucha Pro Wrestler Rocky Penasco Jr returns to the show for a full interview. Lots of Wrestling talk.…

EPISODE 417 Part 2 - 10 drink minimum

2013-06-09 :: Length: 1s
Chris finishes his interview with Pro Wrestler Rocky Penasco Jr.…

EPISODE 416 Part 1 Self Serve Sexuality Resource Center- 10 drink minimum

2013-06-02 :: Length: 1s
We have the crew from Self Serve on the show. We learned so much about sex. Very informative show. Enjoy part one.…

EPISODE 416 part 2 - 10 drink minimum

2013-06-02 :: Length: 1s
This is the second half of last sundays show with the ladies from Self Serve Sexuality Resource Center…

EPISODE 415 Blackout Bird - 10 drink minimum

2013-05-26 :: Length: 1s
Joe Bolt from the Blackout Disciples stops by to talk about his new band, and owning one of the coolest bars downtown.…

EPISODE 414 Road to Riches show- 10 drink minimum

2013-05-18 :: Length: 1s
We recorded a podcast from The Road to Riches festival. The sound blows out a couple of times, but what the hell. We recorded in a campground with limited resources.…

EPISODE 413- Lucha Drink eh 10 drink minimum

2013-05-12 :: Length: 1s
Pro Wrestlers Rocky Penasco Jr, and Tony Davis stop by to put the fear in the 10 Drink crew.…

EPISODE 412 Jonito - 10 drink minimum

2013-05-12 :: Length: 58s
Jon Sanchez makes some of the sickest concert posters around. We got him on the show to talk about Fleetwood Mac, and why Spoon used to be his band.…

EPISODE 411 Interview with Billy Bellmont - 10 drink minimum

2013-05-06 :: Length: 1s
We needed some content to put out. So I did an interview with local singer/Songwriter Billy Bellmont.…

EPISODE 410 Sad Baby Wolf - 10 drink minimum

2013-04-28 :: Length: 1s
Marty Crandall, and Sean McCullough stop by to talk about their record release party. We throw in some Sci Fi talk, and some music here and there.…

EPISODE 410 Part 2 - 10 drink minimum

2013-04-28 :: Length: 52s
Marty Crandall, and Sean McCullough stop by to talk about their record release party. We throw in some Sci Fi talk, and some music here and there. This is the second half of the interview.…

EPISODE 409 NM Beer - 10 drink minimum

2013-04-14 :: Length: 1s
Chris Jackson from the New Mexico Dark Side brew crew stops by. We talk all things NM Beer.…

EPISODE 409 Part 2 - 10 drink minimum

2013-04-14 :: Length: 1s
This is the second half of the show with Chris Jackson from the NM Darkside Brew Crew.…

EPISODE 408 Flowers in the attic- 10 drink minimum

2013-04-07 :: Length: 1s
Billy is Awol. So Breaking Bads Michael Flowers steps in to co host the show. Awesome…

EPISODE 408 part 2 - 10 drink minimum

2013-04-07 :: Length: 1s
Chris continues the show with Breaking Bads Michael Flowers. NY Times bestselling author Jen Sincero also calls in for a chat.…

EPISODE 407 Part 2 - 10 drink minimum

2013-03-31 :: Length: 1s
Today was the last day of shooting for Breaking Bad. Head set designer Michael Flowers called in, and gave us one hell of a second hour. Enjoy…

EPISODE 407 East turd weekend - 10 drink minimum

2013-03-31 :: Length: 1s
Our guests cancel. Which means the show…

EPISODE 406 St. Patty's reunion - 10 drink minimum

2013-03-17 :: Length: 1s
Chris and Billy get visited get visited on this great holiday. Some new friends, and some old.…

EPISODE 405 Oh Mercy! - 10 drink minimum

2013-03-10 :: Length: 1s
Burlesque sideshow performer MERCY is here. For the first time in the show's history I think folks should watch the video replay at NSFW…

EPISODE 404 Sad Baby Wolf Aftershow - 10 drink minimum

2013-03-03 :: Length: 48s
This is the second half of the interview with Sad Baby Wolf's Marty Crandal and Sean McCullough. We delve deeper into what happened with the original Shins lineup. Enjoy…

EPISODE 404 Sad Baby Wolf - 10 drink minimum

2013-03-03 :: Length: 1s
Former Shins member Marty Crandall joins the show. He stops by to talk about his new band Sad Baby Wolf with local recording legend Sean McCullough.…

EPISODE Suprise Secret Show - 10 drink minimum

2013-03-01 :: Length: 1s
It's a Friday. Chris and Billy as finally promised put out a random show. Add us on Twitter @chris10dm to find out when these shows will be.…

EPISODE 403 Knight Moves - 10 drink minimum

2013-02-24 :: Length: 1s
Alex Knight stops by to talk about trying out for Second City, and what it's like to be in a Kevin Kostner movie. Lauren Poole also makes a surprise visit.…

EPISODE 403 Aftershow - 10 drink minimum

2013-02-24 :: Length: 1s
This is the second hour of show 403. Alex Knight and Lauren Poole joined us from the first hour. Burlesque dancer Mercy showed up the second hour, and the show turned into a party. Enjoy…

EPISODE 402 TELL EM BILLY! - 10 drink minimum

2013-02-17 :: Length: 1s
Demarcus Sumter comes back on. We work on our wrestling personas, and talk a little about the police.…

EPISODE 401 PyroManiac - 10 drink minimum

2013-02-10 :: Length: 1s
Founder of Peri Pakroo stops by to talk about it is like to launch a web magazine. Guess how many beers Chris had during this show. I dare you.…

EPISODE 400 In a Metal Mood - 10 drink minimum

2013-01-27 :: Length: 1s
We made it to 400 episodes. 2bers drummer Ben Levine joins us on the show. Also Josh Williams sits in. We find out the Billy knows way too much about Heavy Metal. It's quite astounding.…

EPISODE 399 Birthday aftermath - 10 drink minimum

2013-01-20 :: Length: 1s
August King and @queenypants stop by. Billy and Chris are recovering from a blowout party.…

EPISODE 398 aftershow - 10 drink minimum

2013-01-13 :: Length: 55s
In this aftershow we get really drunk, and the show gets a little out there at that point.…

EPISODE 398 Porn/sports/wrestling - 10 drink minimum

2013-01-13 :: Length: 1s
The guys from Death Rides a horse show up, and we get super wasted. Nice…

EPISODE 397 F' Martinaz - 10 drink minimum

2013-01-06 :: Length: 1s
It's our first show in the new studio. Already feels like home. Lots of drinking and farting.…

EPISODE 396 End of the Year- 10 drink minimum

2012-12-30 :: Length: 1s
We have our end of the year show and it is all over the place as usual. I tried to keep it focused. This is the last show in the Old Town Studio.…

Christmas show - 10 drink minimum

2012-12-21 :: Length: 56s
Chris was home for the holidays, and did a special interview with his mom. The audio is a little crappy due to using mobile equipment. Still worth listening to.…

EPISODE 395.2 Aftershow - 10 drink minimum

2012-12-20 :: Length: 57s
This is the second part of show 395. Go back and listen to the first half if you have not already.…

EPISODE 395 Its the end of the world - 10 drink minimum

2012-12-18 :: Length: 1s
Well it has been grand. Thanks for listening. As the fire rains down. Drink one last one for old Chris and Billy.…

EPISODE 394.2 Aftershow - 10 drink minimum

2012-12-12 :: Length: 58s
This is the second half of our show with Demarcus Sumter. If you did not hear the first half then go back and listen.…

EPISODE 394 Black from the Dead - 10 drink minimum

2012-12-09 :: Length: 1s
Demarcus Sumter returns and we get a little out of hand…

EPISODE 393.2 Aftershow - 10 drink minimum

2012-12-05 :: Length: 52s
This is the second half of show 393. If you did not listen to the first half then go back and listen to that part first.…

EPISODE 393 Funky cold menageries - 10 drink minimum

2012-12-02 :: Length: 1s
We have Maura from The Glass Menageries on the show. It gets a little giggly up in this Bitch. Like us on our 10dm facebook page…

EPISODE 392 The Whiskey diaries - 10 drink minimum

2012-11-25 :: Length: 1s
Billy is sick. So St. Petersburgs Josh Williams fills in. We go at pop culture with a whiskey haze. Enjoy.…

EPISODE 391 Dandee Vs RZA - 10 drink minimum

2012-11-18 :: Length: 1s
Musician Dandee Flemming stops by and tells his Scooter stories, and his dealing with the RZA.…

EPISODE 390 Pixi Stix - 10 drink minimum

2012-11-04 :: Length: 58s
Cassie @queeniepants on twitter stops by and we get back to talking shit.…

EPISODE 389 Bootlegs - 10 drink minimum

2012-10-28 :: Length: 1s
Bevin Owens the techinal director from Road to Riches is here, and Russell from the Porter Draw stops by.…

EPISODE 388 Gold Manor Crew - 10 drink minimum

2012-10-21 :: Length: 1s
Local Legand music bookers the Gold Manor crew stops by…

EPISODE 387 New Mexico News - 10 drink minimum

2012-10-14 :: Length: 1s
Mike Smith from New Mexico News comes by and we have a fun actually informative show. Add us on twitter @10chris10dm…

EPISODE 387 aftershow - 10 drink minimum

2012-10-14 :: Length: 45s
Aftershow with Mike Smith of New Mexico News.…

EPISODE 386 Black Rage - 10 drink minimum

2012-10-07 :: Length: 1s
Warning this episode is very offensive.…

EPISODE 385 Booty Shake - 10 drink minimum

2012-09-30 :: Length: 1s
We come back from a week off. This show is a little all over the place. We had fun though…

EPISODE 384 We Break Bad Again - 10 drink minimum

2012-09-19 :: Length: 1s
Set decorater from Breaking Bad shows up to talk movies with us. Awesome show…

EPISODE 383 Aftershow - 10 drink minimum

2012-09-09 :: Length: 48s
If you have not listened to the first part of 283 then go back. This show is all over the place. Lots of people in studio.…

EPISODE 383 Wheres Billy- 10 drink minimum

2012-09-09 :: Length: 1s
We do a memorial show for our fallen brother Billy Bellmont. Its a litte all over the place, but I love it nonetheless…

EPISODE 382 Mellow Gold - 10 drink minimum

2012-09-02 :: Length: 1s
Nice mellow labor day show. Enjoy…

EPISODE 381 S- 10 drink minimum

2012-08-26 :: Length: 1s
Pop culture pro Cassie shows up and we have lots of fun. Enjoy. BTW Chris gets really drunk…

EPISODE 381 aftershow - 10 drink minimum

2012-08-26 :: Length: 48s
If this is your first show then listen to the first part first.…

EPISODE 380 part 2 - 10 drink minimum

2012-08-12 :: Length: 1s
This is the second hour of show 380 where we talk to Loren "Lynette Burquenos" Poole and Alex Knight of the web show Enter the dojo . If you have not listened to hour number 1 then go back and download it. This…

EPISODE 380 Shit Burqueno's drink - 10 drink minimum

2012-08-12 :: Length: 1s
We have Lauren Poole from "Shit Burqueno's say" and we have lots of fun. Also Alex Knight sits in as well from the web series Enter the Dojo…

EPISODE 379 Bad Trip - 10 drink minimum

2012-08-05 :: Length: 59s
The Red Light Cameras joins us. We talk about sexy Old Ladies. We only got about half of the video. Ustream cut out on us.…

EPISODE 379 Aftershow - 10 drink minimum

2012-08-05 :: Length: 1s
This is the after show for 379. Listen to the first part before getting to this madness.…

EPISODE 378 Who did we not offend? - 10 drink minimum

2012-07-29 :: Length: 1s
Ben Ventura from the website, and Stu Tory come by. We try to offend everyone. F the Olympics.…

EPISODE 377 Chris returns to the strip club - 10 drink minimum

2012-07-22 :: Length: 1s
Tiff and Josh stop by. The audio crashed, so I had to record the podcast off of the ustream feed. There are commercials. Could not be helped.…

EPISODE 376 Breaking Buds - 10 drink minimum

2012-07-15 :: Length: 1s
We break down breaking bad season 4 as we get ready for season 5. Spoiler alert…

EPISODE 375 Dirty Britches is gonna die - 10 drink minimum

2012-07-08 :: Length: 1s
Vegans Travis and Rosa of the Vegan Restraunt Mint Julip come by. We have a fun and drink some booze.…

EPISODE 374 Guilty Pleasure - 10 drink minimum

2012-07-01 :: Length: 1s
Sage Harrington joins us to promote her new album "Maybe". Russell Pyle joins stops by and all hell breaks loose. 10 Drink Minimum…

EPISODE 374 Aftershow - 10 drink minimum

2012-07-01 :: Length: 1s
This is the after show for 374. Listen to the first part before getting to this madness. Sage Harrington sings for us, so listen to the end.…

EPISODE 373 The Most Confusing day-

2012-06-17 :: Length: 1s
It's fathers day, and we have a hell of a show. Lots of call ins, and local muscian Roger Apodaca is here. We try a dual cam setup. Let us know what you think.…

EPISODE 373 Aftershow - 10 drink minimum

2012-06-17 :: Length: 52s
This is the after show for 373. Listen to the first part before getting to this madness.…

EPISODE 372 Aftershow - 10 drink minimum

2012-06-10 :: Length: 1s
This is the second half of show 372. Download the first part if you have not already.…

EPISODE 372 Jack of all Trades- 10 drink minimum

2012-06-10 :: Length: 1s
Little Jazzy is here, and we have local singer/songwriter Peri Pakroo. Listen to the song at the end to see how awesome her music is. 10 Drink Minimum…

EPISODE 371 A Month Of Sundays- 10 drink minimum

2012-06-05 :: Length: 55s
We have to move the live shows to Sunday for a month. Listen Live for the next four sundays at…

EPISODE 371 Epic Aftershow - 10 drink minimum

2012-06-05 :: Length: 1s
It gets pretty crazy in the second hour. The girls from Mother Death Queen show up and shred the studio. Also Russell from The Porter Draw is here to help keep it Civil.…

EPISODE 370 aftershow - 10 drink minimum

2012-05-29 :: Length: 1s
This is show 370's aftershow. If you are new. Go download the first part of the show.…

EPISODE 370 Billy the Binger - 10 drink minimum

2012-05-29 :: Length: 1s
Kristin Joins the show, and we pay homage to a fallen New Mexico legand. We scope out products that people use in every day lingo. Indoor Football. Memorial Day weekend was not to memorable.…

EPISODE 369 After show - 10 drink minimum

2012-05-22 :: Length: 58s
This is the after show for show 369. Listen to the first part if you have not already.…

EPISODE 369 Cause YOLO - 10 drink minimum

2012-05-22 :: Length: 1s
We talk about the evolution of Cell Phones, Words the kids are using and our AMAZING WEEKEND AT ROAD TO RICHES.…

EPISODE 368 Navajo Redneck - 10 drink minimum

2012-05-15 :: Length: 1s
We have Alexis from Mother Death is here. We get crashed by Russell from the Porter Draw.…

EPISODE 367 Aftershow- 10 drink minimum

2012-05-08 :: Length: 56s
Since the podcast is now an hour. We give you an extra aftershow from time to time. If you are a new listener, then listen to then download the first hour first…

EPISODE 367 Beer commercials are gay - 10 drink minimum

2012-05-08 :: Length: 1s
We have a lot of fun with Beer Commercials, and had a lot of fun getting drunk. 10 Drink Minimum…

EPISODE 366 Double Hangover - 10 drink minimum

2012-05-01 :: Length: 1s
t is our first show on GFL.TV. We are proud to be on the GFL Radio Network.…

EPISODE 365 Rocky Mtn Fudge Cake - 10 drink minimum

2012-04-17 :: Length: 1s
A little bit of a rough start, but we come out swinging, Listen for sure…

EPISODE 364 You are the last Dragon - 10 drink minimum

2012-04-10 :: Length: 1s
Gena stops by from the glass menageries. Ryan calls in and gets mad at Chris. No fucks are givin.…

EPISODE 363 Working at the Doiley factory - 10 drink minimum

2012-04-03 :: Length: 1s
We have a couple of local New Mexicans on the show. We talk shitty movies, The Macho Man Randy Savage rocks, Albuquerque Dukes, enjoy…

EPISODE 362 Nerding out big time - 10 drink minimum

2012-03-27 :: Length: 1s
need towels for a bullet wound/we talk about music and sci fi movies/Caller Ryan returns to end the show.…

EPISODE 361 Post Hardcore - 10 drink minimum

2012-03-20 :: Length: 1s
We have the band "He whose Ox is Gored' on for a second time and all mayhem breaks out. I got wasted and loved this show, and I hope you do to.…

EPISODE 360 Chris goes Viral - 10 drink minimum

2012-03-16 :: Length: 1s
One of Chris's videos goes very viral. Evil Roy from Australia is here. Just a great show. Come love us.…

EPISODE 359 Great Show - 10 drink minimum

2012-03-06 :: Length: 1s
Chris Rants as usual, We talk to an Aussie,We try to remember and 80s softcore icon with no luck…

EPISODE 358 Bringin it back - 10 drink minimum

2012-02-28 :: Length: 1s
We get very multicultural on this episode.…

EPISODE 357 Fat Jeremy Lin - 10 drink minimum

2012-02-21 :: Length: 1s
The audio program I record with crashed. So I had to record the show off of Ustream. So there is random commercials in this show.…

EPISODE 356 First! - 10 drink minimum

2012-02-14 :: Length: 1s
What not to do on Valentines Day. RIP Whitney Houston, Billy hates his calves,Chris goes to the circus…

EPISODE 355 Shit Billy and Chris say - 10 drink minimum

2012-02-07 :: Length: 1s
Chris and Billy wax poetic on Chris's birthday. The superbowl and all the shit that went with it.…

EPISODE 344 Peace, Love, and Soul - 10 drink minimum

2012-02-01 :: Length: 1s
Chris and Bill remember a dear part of our childhood, and wax poetic on a number of topics. Check out Rockstar.TV…

EPISODE 343 Sports in your Ass - 10 drink minimum

2012-01-24 :: Length: 1s
Billy and Chris do a crazy sports spectacular that even non sports fan can listen to. Enjoy…

EPISODE 342 40oz show - 10 drink minimum

2012-01-17 :: Length: 1s
We finally did the 40oz show. Its also Billy's birthday. We get super wasted. Enjoy…

EPISODE 341 Locals Only - 10 drink minimum

2012-01-10 :: Length: 1s
We talk a lot of Albuquerque. We have Joshua from the band St. Petersburg, and Alexis from Mother Death Queen here.…

EPISODE Show 340 New Years Aftermath.- 10 drink minimum

2012-01-03 :: Length: 1s
We start the year off right. We have a very attractive caller. Had a lot of fun in this show.…

EPISODE339 Happy New Year MFers - 10 drink minimum

2011-12-30 :: Length: 1s
We do a special live New Years eve show with a new web cam. Enjoy…

EPISODE 338 Happy Mf'n Holiday a holes

2011-12-20 :: Length: 1s
We got lots of snow deep in the heart of North Mexico. Chris and Billy bring it.…

EPISODE 336 The Devils Three way - 10 drink minimum

2011-11-29 :: Length: 1s
really fun agressive angry show.…

EPISODE 335 Lee Sipes "The Last Beer Gone" - 10 drink minimum

2011-11-22 :: Length: 1s
We talk about some Movies/drink some beer/Lee joins us.…

EPISODE 334 Baldilocks and the three Bears - 10 drink minimum

2011-11-15 :: Length: 1s
Chris goes to the Marine Corp ball/Chris goes home to visit and get totally wasted/Shows getting canceled…

EPISODE 333 We pull a convoy - 10 drink minimum

2011-11-08 :: Length: 1s
We go through and listen to some of the worst songs of all time and talk lot s of shit. I think it is one of our best shows. Just sayin…

EPISODE 332 Feels like I'm wearing a Dead Horse- 10 drink minimum

2011-11-01 :: Length: 1s
Adam fills in for Billy. We get a lot of help from the chat on this one…

EPISODE 331 Friday after dark - 10 drink minimum

2011-10-25 :: Length: 1s
we talk about nerd herds/Adam sneaks in/Lohan gets nude/Chris get a new car…

EPISODE 330 St Porters Day - 10 drink minimum

2011-10-18 :: Length: 1s
Russell from the Porter Draw is here, and then we tell some awesome shit .…

EPISODE 329 Billy's Buffet of awesomeness - 10 drink minimum

2011-10-11 :: Length: 1s
Beer fest results, Food Challenges, Chris gets offened, CBS Sucks…

EPISODE 328 Chris the Ruler has returned! - 10 drink minimum

2011-10-04 :: Length: 1s
Chris returns to the muddy banks, and we put on a hell of a good show. Listen or die.…

EPISODE 327 Redux (Epic Saturday) - 10 drink minimum

2011-09-22 :: Length: 1s
We redid this show due to technical issues. The Epic Saturday story is retold. A must listen…

EPISODE 326 part 1 Fantasy BMH- 10 drink minimum

2011-09-13 :: Length: 1s
We have a full house and no problems trashing listener Ryan.…

EPISODE 326 part 2 - 10 drink minimum

2011-09-13 :: Length: 50s
listen to part one first.…

EPISODE 325 part 2 Creepy bartenders, cops, and cheap be - 10 drink minimum

2011-09-06 :: Length: 1s
Part 2 of 325. Listen to the first part first.…

EPISODE 325 Creepy bartenders, cops, and cheap beer 10dri- 10 drink minimum

2011-09-06 :: Length: 1s
Its all in the name…

EPISODE 323 Hiding out on the west side Part2 - 10 drink minimum

2011-08-30 :: Length: 58s
We did this on a laptop. The sound quality is very poor.…

EPISODE Where's Joe Part2 - 10 drink minimum

2011-08-30 :: Length: 1s
We got really tanked this show.…

EPISODE 324 Where's Joe part 1 - 10 drink minimum

2011-08-30 :: Length: 1s
Don't really have good show notes. Got really wasted this show.…

EPISODE 323 Hiding out on the westside Part 1 - 10 drink minimum

2011-08-23 :: Length: 1s
Sorry the audio is not that good. First laptop recording…

EPISODE 322 part 2 show 232 Elbow deep in someones face- 10 drink minimum

2011-08-16 :: Length: 48s
part 2 of 322. Listen to part 1 first.…

EPISODE 322 Part 1 232 Elbow deep in someones face - 10 drink minimum

2011-08-16 :: Length: 1s
We usher in a new era. Adam cannot do the show any longer. So we add a new cohost to the show.…

EPISODE 321 Part 1- I am high on life - 10 drink minimum

2011-08-02 :: Length: 1s
Billy and Ben fill in for Adam. Fun show. Two good hours of awesomeness.…

EPISODE 321 Part 2 I am high on life - 10 drink minimum

2011-08-02 :: Length: 1s
Part 2. Listen to part 1 before listening to this.…

EPISODE 320 Feed your Head - 10 drink minimum

2011-08-01 :: Length: 1s
We come at you with a specil live Monday show to get more people to join our twitter and facebook. Nice little fun show.…

EPISODE 319 Atlas for a Liquor Part 2 - 10 drink minimum

2011-07-26 :: Length: 50s
Part 2 to show 319. Listen to the first part if you have not already.…

EPISODE 319 Atlas for a liquor store part 1 - 10 drink minimum

2011-07-26 :: Length: 1s
Amazon sex toys?/Call from Mom/more gun talk/some callers/good show.…

EPISODE 318 Where is Adam? part 1- 10 drink minimum

2011-07-19 :: Length: 57s
Ross comes and fills in for Adam in one of the most ADD shows of all time. Very dark show in general.…

EPISODE 318 Where's Adam part 2 - 10 drink minimum

2011-07-19 :: Length: 53s
second part of last show 318…

EPISODE 5th anniversary show part 1 - 10 drink minimum

2011-07-14 :: Length: 1s
We bring, we sing it, and we drink it…

EPISODE 5th anniversary show part 2 - 10 drink minimum

2011-07-14 :: Length: 1s
Part 2 of the anniversary show…

10DM FOREVER!- 10 drink minimum

2011-07-13 ::
Live show July 14th at 9 PM Mt at 10drinkminimum. We want the largest live audience we have ever had.…

EPISODE 317 St. Patricks day Fail - 10 drink minimum

2011-07-05 :: Length: 1s
Not guilty, but is she hot/Wakeboarding/Ruby bird sighting in Dallas/American Beer Companys/Good call ins by some of our fans.…

EPISODE 316.1 We do all calls - 10 drink minimum

2011-06-28 :: Length: 1s
Best show I have ever done. We need more shows like this with the call ins. Bring it.…

EPISODE 316.2 - 10 drink minimum

2011-06-28 :: Length: 55s
Second half of 316. We took a lot of calls and had a lot of fun.…

EPISODE 319 Atlas for a Liquor store - 10 drink minimum

2011-06-28 :: Length: 1s
Amazon sex toys?/Call from Mom/more gun talk/some callers/good show…

EPISODE 315 I don't want your pootie Ice Cream - 10 drink minimum

2011-06-21 :: Length: 1s
Show was great. Near the end gets a little rough. We had our first blow out on air.…

EPISODE 314 Broadcast Angry - 10 drink minimum

2011-06-14 :: Length: 58s
Movie review of Drive Angry/Chris tells everyone what they need to stop doing/man dies raping/Adam watches crap/Hef doges a bullet.…

Special Live Bonus Show- 10 drink minimum

2011-06-13 :: Length: 54s
Join us on twitter and facebook at to find out when these special live shows happen.…

EPISODE 313 Wacka Booth - 10 drink minimum

2011-06-07 :: Length: 1s
Billy and Jasmine join the boys. We have a crazy abortion people in New Mexico. We are smoked out in Albuquerque. Thanks Arizona…

EPISODE 312 Five dollar foot up your ass. - 10 drink minimum

2011-05-31 :: Length: 1s
Subway is for jackholes/Hatchet man/Hangover sucks, blazing saddles rules.…

EPISODE 311 Forever Young - 10 drink minimum

2011-05-24 :: Length: 1s
End of the world drinking bus tour/We talk new fall tv.…

EPISODE 310 feather in the peephole - 10 drink minimum

2011-05-17 :: Length: 1s
Illeagle immigrants and brothels.…

EPISODE 309 Longest show ever part 2 - 10 drink minimum

2011-05-10 :: Length: 1s
This is the second half of show 309. Enjoy.…

EPISODE 309 Longest show ever - 10 drink minimum

2011-05-10 :: Length: 57s
We did an extra long show. Enjoy.…

EPISODE 308 Womens can't handle the remote.- 10 drink minimum

2011-05-04 :: Length: 1s
Of course we talk about Osama,Adam asks out Chris on a Mandate.…

EPISODE show 307 F the royal wedding. - 10 drink minimum

2011-04-28 :: Length: 1s
show 307 F the royal wedding.…

EPISODE 306 Boobs at the speed of Blue - 10 drink minimum

2011-04-19 :: Length: 1s
Mortal Kombat!/420 yall/My brewry is full of bitches/tuf update/Adam sees flaming tits.…

EPISODE 305 Wrasslin talk - 10 drink minimum

2011-04-12 :: Length: 1s
Oprah sucks/tough enough/Chris has the bad poops/Food makeover.…

EPISODE 304 Filthy Muff burgers - 10 drink minimum

2011-04-05 :: Length: 1s
Hoarders are nasty/Adult Swim Tour/Kurt Cobains death anniversary…

EPISODE 303 Revenge of the Billy. - 10 drink minimum

2011-03-29 :: Length: 1s
303 Revenge of the Billy.…

EPISODE 302 I just had sex - 10 drink minimum

2011-03-22 :: Length: 56s
don't judge us by this episode. Really tired from work and too much partying last week.…

EPISODE 301 Donate to the people of Japan- 10 drink minimum

2011-03-15 :: Length: 1s
This show is dedicated to the People of Japan…

EPISODE 300 Charlie Sheen is Batshit awesome - 10 drink minimum

2011-03-01 :: Length: 1s
Chris beat the tarnation out of Adam in the oscar pics. We talk a lot about Charlie Sheen on this show.…

EPISODE299 Drink the Kool aid bitch - 10 drink minimum

2011-02-22 :: Length: 57s
Lucha Chris and regular Adam talk about Bowling/flea markets/lack of humour in this country/Jury duty…

EPISODE 298 Doobie Yogurt - 10 drink minimum

2011-02-15 :: Length: 57s
It's time for Romper Room/Sunflower Market has issues/Grammys suck…

EPISODE 297 Birthday diaper bomb - 10 drink minimum

2011-02-08 :: Length: 51s
Chris details his birthday/weirdos at the super bowl/very sober show in general.…

EPISODE 296 The Five religons - 10 drink minimum

2011-02-01 :: Length: 1s
Chris has a religous expierence at the rodeo/We are surviving Snowmageddon/99 bitches but a problem aint one.…

EPISODE 295 Taco Bell is people- 10 drink minimum

2011-01-25 :: Length: 57s
We discuss the lack of meat at taco Bell/Jersey Shore cast/We bet on Oscar noms…

EPISODE 294 NB See Ya - 10 drink minimum

2011-01-18 :: Length: 1s
chris and Adam got to hang out with the Boondock Saints/Netflix is going to suck/Sparticus is recast and no one should care/we reprogram NBC…

EPISODE 293 Albuquerque Diaper Slayings - 10 drink minimum

2011-01-11 :: Length: 57s
Its 1/11/11 and Chris is creeped out by hoverounds and adult diaper wearing dexter old perverts.…

EPISODE 292 New Mexico still not a state?- 10 drink minimum

2011-01-04 :: Length: 58s
Happy New Year/Adam is sick/Reasons why New Mexico is not a state/Mandingo the dick…

EPISODE 291 I shit my pants. Want to blow me?- 10 drink minimum

2010-12-28 :: Length: 1s
We talk about our Christmas exploits/Adam gives crappy gifts/No one really important died this year(except Leslie Nielson)/How to party on New Years.…

EPISODE 290 Vagazzele your Christmas - 10 drink minimum

2010-12-21 :: Length: 55s
It's the Christmas show. We talk about Vajazzeling and get drunk…

EPISODE 289 Billy Breaks Hearts - 10 drink minimum

2010-12-14 :: Length: 1s
Fantasy football/Billy is in the house/Fast and furious 5/getting lean/We urban dictionary our names.…

EPISODE 288 Jimmy hendrix expierence (Vegas Edition) - 10 drink minimum

2010-12-08 :: Length: 58s
Chris talks about the Smashing Pumpkins show/Adam tells us about his trip to Las Vegas for his Birthday.…

EPISODE 287 Non Married Gay - 10 drink minimum

2010-11-30 :: Length: 57s
Thanksgiving Stories/Chris talks shit/Adams going to Vegas/Monday night football rants…

EPISODE 286 "funky stools" sounds like a band. - 10 drink minimum

2010-11-23 :: Length: 1s
Happy Thanksgiving or whatever you do/Chris goes to the colonoscopy clinic/Adam Kills/Gypsies/famous last words of the exexcuted.…

EPISODE 285 No cure for Fushigi Balls- 10 drink minimum

2010-11-16 :: Length: 1s
Special wednesday show. Don't really remember what we talked about. Enjoy.…

EPISODE 284 Steakhouse in a hole - 10 drink minimum

2010-11-09 :: Length: 58s
Audio is finally good/Cat Lady/Conan/Hoarders/Steakhouse/80s hotties that went to shit.…

EPISODE 283 Lohan Sweepstakes - 10 drink minimum

2010-11-02 :: Length: 1s
New segment "This needs to Stop"/Prop 19/Lohan contast/Girls with Alcohol poisoning…

EPISODE 282 HOOCH! - 10 drink minimum

2010-10-25 :: Length: 58s
Chris Drinks Homemade Hooch/Haunted Halloween Farm/Fatty and Fatette/Crazy weird Irish fuck/Phone call from OZ…

EPISODE 281 Billy likes Generic White Girls - 10 drink minimum

2010-10-19 :: Length: 1s
Billy and Jasmine are here/Adam and Chris go to Hopfest/We are totally racist and give/Atomic Cantina is closed again/Adam looks like steven hawking…

EPISODE 280 Disconnected - 10 drink minimum

2010-10-12 :: Length: 51s
LIve show got disconnected due to Comcast problems again. Show notes Eric Stoltz is not funny/Courtney cox is a plastic mommy/Miners in chile…

EPISODE 279 member this Disneyland - 10 drink minimum

2010-10-05 :: Length: 1s
we have an international chat/Adam and Chris describe England and Austrailia from the movies we have seen.…

EPISODE 278 No Chicks in the pit -10 drink minimum

2010-09-28 :: Length: 1s
Lonestar is canceled/Skinless exhibit/Obama is in town/Pizza Castle hates the homeless/We talk about porn of course.…

EPISODE 277 Taylor Swift Trisexhole - 10 drink minimum

2010-09-21 :: Length: 1s
We were lucky to have video. Ustream has lots of shutdowns. We talk lots of shit and adam may have admittied to being gay.…

EPISODE 276 Part 2 - 10 drink minimum

2010-09-14 :: Length: 1s
This is the second half of episode 276. Another hour of show since we missed the prior week.…

EPISODE 276 Yeah Yeah - 10 drink minimum

2010-09-14 :: Length: 57s
bad week plus Chirs/Drinking and some Gun Play/Adam has a boner/Billy is a playa/Whites like Reggea/Human Centipede/and we throw in an extra drunken hour for the lack of show last week.…

EPISODE 275 - 10 drink minimum

2010-08-31 :: Length: 55s
There is too much violence in Mexico/Pubic Style/Std stats/Fantasy Football Draft/Bukkake of course…

EPISODE 273 We are Expendable- 10 drink minimum

2010-08-17 :: Length: 1s
After a whole year of wait we see The Expendables. Pretty much takes up the whole show. If you want to be the last person in the fantasy football league go to the facebook page and give us your email address. The first person that does it gets the last spot.…

EPISODE 272 Hashbrown double down - 10 drink minimum

2010-08-10 :: Length: 55s
Vote for lumpys at talk about fast food/We invent the Hashbrown double down/Pretty much a show about food.…

EPISODE show 271 Chris gets pissed (Don't Watch) - 10 drink minimum

2010-08-03 :: Length: 1s
Billy hates on jessica Alba/Chris hates on Hip Hippies, and fake DJ's/ Lohan is free/ Adam loves horrible movies…

EPISODE 269 We Brake Bad - 10 drink minimum

2010-07-20 :: Length: 1s
Rodney Rush from Breaking Bad is on the show. What else is there to say.…

EPISODE 268 I don't want to be famous. I want to be epic - 10 drink minimum

2010-07-13 :: Length: 1s
We celebrate our 4th anniversary show. Tell some stories from past years and where some things have evolved from. Sorry for the video it is comcasts fault.…

EPISODE 267 Free Lohan! - 10 drink minimum

2010-07-06 :: Length: 1s
We talk 45th of July letdown/Lohan is in jail/The Houston 500/Chris's Funeral/Lumpy's Burgers are awesome/Breaking Bad…

EPISODE 266 Stripper Va JJ Smell? - 10 drink minimum

2010-06-29 :: Length: 1s
He whose Ox is Goard is here and we talk about strip clubs/Band Tour Stories/Seattle Plaid/Intervention comedy hour.…

EPISODE 264 Bleached Anus Bingo - 10 drink minimum

2010-06-15 :: Length: 1s
Olivia Munn/E3/Ryan the intern wants to get brizillain waxed/We make fun of Ryan nonstop/If you have an Itunes account leave a review for the show. It really helps us.…

EPISODE263 Ryan is a Dyslexic Diabetic Douchebag - 10 drink minimum

2010-06-08 :: Length: 59s
New intro by Billy Bellmont/Bellemah plays two songs live/We drink and have lots of fun with the chat. A really fun show to be a part of.…

EPISODE 262 Show 262.3 Adam watches dudes masterbate - 10 drink minimum

2010-06-01 :: Length: 1s
Billy Bellmont from the Bellemah is here/Maxx Hardcore is going to Jail/Ted Koppel Jr is dead/We talk about Portales.…

EPISODE 261 Same Load Everytime - 10 drink minimum

2010-05-25 :: Length: 1s
Peter North has hella cum/Sex Decoys/Seth Green causes Malaware/Lindsey Lohna is my hero/Jersey Superbowl…

EPISODE 260 Number one show in Albuquerque - 10 drink minimum

2010-05-18 :: Length: 1s
The fans helped us get voted the number one show in Abq/Cafe press is up/BGE is going to hell/Married chicks hit on Chris all sick.…

EPISODE 259 Steak hanging out of a hole. - 10 drink minimum

2010-05-11 :: Length: 59s
UfC firings/Kick Ass/Iron Man/ The store is open at needs to make us a new intro. You will get a free shirt. Store has gone online at…

EPISODE 258 Tuesday Bloody tuesday - 10 drink minimum

2010-05-04 :: Length: 1s
Adam had a flat tire and was late for the show. We banter a lot about the weekend and stuff around town. Good Bloody mary show.…

EPISODE -257 Really really gay show 10 drink minimum

2010-04-27 :: Length: 55s
Adam does not quit the show/Homeless man stabbed/Chris is still hungover from the weekend/Really gay show.…

EPISODE show 256 Ass Juice - 10 drink minimum

2010-04-20 :: Length: 1s
Kfc Double Down, Stefan lets us down, Anal Blast, and 72oz steak, and Vince Vaughn…

EPISODE 255.5 Sierra Nevada Beer rocks 10 drink minimum

2010-04-14 :: Length: 37s
Got some Awesome beer and wanted to do a short show.…

EPISODEShow 255 You would have a threesome with Sally Fi - 10 drink minimum

2010-04-13 :: Length: 1s
Chris goes to Nascar/Adam goes to Las Cruces/Stefan stays home…

EPISODE 254 Evil Roy is God. Ryan is a Bagina- 10 drink minimum

2010-04-06 :: Length: 1s
We drink beers that were sent to us from Australia and get really trashed in the process.…

EPISODE 253 its got a naked chick - 10 drink minimum

2010-03-30 :: Length: 1s
ufc 111/dead media/police shot a guy/how does panhandling work/listener ryan goes to the movies with his mama/Chris is drunk…

EPISODE Show 252 Dale Ernhardt ain't driving in heaven 10 drink minimum

2010-03-23 :: Length: 52s
St. Patty's day aftermath/Dodge vehicles are ugly/Racist grand pappy/Chris is going to Nascar/10 brewries near Abq…

EPISODE 251 One Corey down, and one to go - 10 drink minimum

2010-03-16 :: Length: 1s
St. Patty's show/racism in advertising/little wheels on cars/the tow coreys/Lobos in the tournament/Tiger Woods Y'all…

EPISODE 250 Champion of the Universe - 10 drink minimum

2010-03-02 :: Length: 55s
1st annual ides of march pub crawl/drug terms/deer on the highway/guest from australia/Chat roulette…

EPISODE 247 Chris is almost dead. - 10 drink minimum

2010-02-02 :: Length: 58s
Adam hooks up his VCR/Chris is fucking 35/Lot lizards suck literally/Jack in the crack sucks/Red light cars…

EPISODE 246 Flush Yo sh!t - 10 drink minimum

2010-01-26 :: Length: 1s
guy has bad bathroom ettiquette/more IT calls/Doom Generation/Naked Fear/ Bowl…

EPISODE 245 Porn for the blind - 10 drink minimum

2010-01-19 :: Length: 53s
Braile Playboy/white trashyness/The greatest action trailer of all time/24/Hatian Couger Boat…

EPISODE 244 Tales of the IT Porn Guy Part 1 - 10 drink minimum

2010-01-12 :: Length: 1s
Conan/spider Gay/Hot chick burns herself/Random Titty/Guy giving black people chicken/Girl slaps her ass…

EPISODE 243 Meth Beer - 10 drink minimum

2010-01-05 :: Length: 1s
Meth Beer/Weed and Feed/Slow boats from Aussie town/The expendables/Two dollar Stripper/New guy stefan gets hit on/We talk about taco Bell drive thru.…

EPISODE 242 F U 2009 - 10 drink minimum

2009-12-29 :: Length: 54s
Year in review/what celebs died this year/Chris hated 2009/What to look forward to in 2010. Thanks for listening, and we look forward to seeing you all in the new year.…

EPISODE 241 Porn Chowder - 10 drink minimum

2009-12-22 :: Length: 57s
Brittney Murphey is expendable/Meagen Fox is going to be by Chris's house/Donkey punching and what is means to you at home/Merry Christmas/Happy holiday to all.…

EPISODE 240 Black Eye - 10 drink minimum

2009-12-15 :: Length: 59s
Oral Roberts/Lobos are undefeated/Craigslist porn/Ugly Christmas Party/Black and Tan variations…

EPISODE 239 I got no Business - 10 drink minimum

2009-12-08 :: Length: 1s
Adam is back from Mexico/Amazon crazy items/Old Town Light Up/Chris gets wasted friday/Porn Recycling, do it…

EPISODE 237 Itsy bitsy bang bang - 10 drink minimum

2009-11-17 :: Length: 1s
We get homemade beer from a listener/Stefan stops by/Caskets/Schlitz Gusto…

EPISODE 235 Cyst on your notty parts - 10 drink minimum

2009-11-10 :: Length: 59s
Halloween/Adam dressed like dead presidents/whitey get out/Chris is too nice/Get Well Ryan So we can make fun of you/Vince thanks for the party…

EPISODE 236 Morphine and Bullshit- 10 drink minimum

2009-11-10 :: Length: 1s
Listener Ryan is on the show. He had a hard attack and we are not sure if he has had relations with a women. Plus it is Seseme Streets 40th birthday. Chris blew in some chick. Plus how do you crap in a bedpan?…

EPISODE 234 We got drank bitches! - 10 drink minimum

2009-10-27 :: Length: 1s
We sample some new products on the market/Fleetwood Mac/Chris gets recognized/Adam dranking Absinthe.…

EPISODE 233 We'll miss you Dale God all Mighty - 10 drink minimum

2009-10-20 :: Length: 53s
Fantasy football/Elvis's eternal flame/Simpsons sucks big time/Keenan Thompson is absolute dogshit.…

EPISODE 232 Hey Jelly Fist - 10 drink minimum

2009-10-13 :: Length: 59s
Adam has a fun weekend at work/Chris partied and worked all weekend and saw no fucking balloons.…

EPISODE 231 H1N1- 10 drink minimum

2009-10-06 :: Length: 1s
Chris at the Greek festival/Chris got way drunk/Adam likes the lions/Ustream Strippers/Sports…

EPISODE 230 DRANK! - 10 drink minimum

2009-09-29 :: Length: 59s
Chris is tested for fun/Chris at the rodeo/Spaten/Adam won in Fantasy Football/Purple Drank…

EPISODE 229 Adams Donkey Show - 10 drink minimum

2009-09-22 :: Length: 57s
1st day of fall/Adams Donkey show/Michael Jackson/Lobo football sucks/Adam should feel shame for his donkey show…

EPISODE 228 Manarexia - 10 drink minimum

2009-09-15 :: Length: 51s

EPISODE 226 Necro-Pet-Ophelia- 10 drink minimum

2009-09-02 :: Length: 1s
Ted Kennedy/Sasha grey again/wakeboarding weekend/Ryan the listener is really a killer/Chris had a good date, Will had a bad date.…

EPISODE 225 Full Travis - 10 drink minimum

2009-08-25 :: Length: 53s
Adam and Chris Discuss- Adam's power eating of a local Dish/inglourious Basterds/Adams Gay Myspace/combleedsfrombothends/more The indespensibles. Sorry there was no video for this show.…

EPISODE 224 Goodwill Shitpants - 10 drink minimum

2009-08-11 :: Length: 1s
Sorry for this show mom. The worst show yet. Anal Blast/Donkeypunch/Brazilian murder/Fast and Furious/Sasha Grey/John Holmes…

EPISODE 223 Sensory overload! - 10 drink minimum

2009-08-04 :: Length: 1s
We get a package from down under/Stripper shootings/Man gets choked out/Adam goes back to school/Chris's dog gets sprayed by skunk.…

EPISODE 222 Public deafication (not Us) - 10 drink minimum

2009-07-28 :: Length: 1s
ON this show Public urination/Defication, The Tram, Casino, Expendables update, Forrest Whittaker eye…

EPISODE 221 crippled torso- 10 drink minimum

2009-07-21 :: Length: 1s
Chris's epic weekend/Adam Wakeboards/Fantasy Football/Ryan Fucking Bingham/adobe sucks…

EPISODE 220 We are expendable - 10 drink minimum

2009-07-14 :: Length: 1s
Wakeboarding/Anniversary of the show/Stay puff scooter lady/ The greatest or worst movie ever made/ Fuck the rich guy in the Rolls/ Dead hooker…

EPISODE 219 The friend ender- 10 drink minimum

2009-07-07 :: Length: 1s
The new house/Little mexico?/Grand Torino/ The Gays/ The whites/Michael Jackson.…

EPISODE 218 Elevated shoe singular - 10 drink minimum

2009-06-22 :: Length: 48s
We are going to see Manny play with the Isotopes. People with one leg shorter then the other. Adam's crazy drunkeness. Chris's crazy drunkeness.…

EPISODE 216 Mega Adam Vs. Giant Chris 10 drink minimum

2009-06-09 :: Length: 1s
Star Trek/The Hangover/ Wakeboarding/Chris is moving from the ghetto.…

EPISODE 215 Creepy Mustache - 10 drink minimum

2009-06-02 :: Length: 50s
Chris has a creepy mustache. What else is there to say.…

EPISODE 214 Served illegally(Audio Only Show)- 10 drink minimum

2009-05-28 :: Length: 49s
Adam and Chris get drunk and buy and see if they can still buy alcohol. It is illegal for them to sell you Alcohol if you are drunk.…

EPISODE 213 M I Beer- 10 drink minimum

2009-05-19 :: Length: 55s
We talked about Racist Clint, Bells Beer, Marilyn Chambers, Porn as usual…

EPISODE 212 Back in the high life again - 10 drink minimum

2009-05-12 :: Length: 52s
This show is dedicated to the life and memory of Kami Sue Peterson. You will always be loved and missed.…

EPISODE 211 Memory Lane- 10 drink minimum

2009-04-23 :: Length: 55s
Adam and Chris talk about all the old days.…

EPISODE 210 Porn and Poop

2009-04-21 :: Length: 1s
Chris and Adam have will on again. We talk about, hotsauce, Warren Zevon, Roller Derby, and Arena Football.…

EPISODE209 F.e.l.c.h - 10 drink minimum

2009-04-14 :: Length: 1s
Chris decides to create a response group to the teabaggers, Will is on the show.…

EPISODE 208 Random Drunk show- 10 drink minimum

2009-04-08 :: Length: 51s
Adam has tomorrow off. So lets get drunk and do a show…

EPISODE 207 Something besides beer

2009-04-07 :: Length: 56s
Adam and Chris ramble on about beer, beer, and then Ben Affleck.…

EPISODE 206 The Bailiff - 10 drink minimum

2009-03-30 :: Length: 53s
Adam and Chris talk about Chris's run in with the law and The friday night cd release of the Porter Draws new cd.…

EPISODE 205 The Adam 500

2009-03-24 :: Length: 53s
Adam and Chris discuss masterbatation, porn records, and serious sex fetish…

EPISODE 204 The return of Adam- 10 Drink Minimum

2009-03-20 :: Length: 57s
Adam returns from Austin and he is bruised and battered. Thank God he brought really good beer with him.…

EPISODE 203 St. Patty's day show

2009-03-17 :: Length: 47s
Adam is in Austin and we miss him. We are totally wasted and Chunks steps in and we get really more wasted.…

EPISODE 202 Redux H...B...R.. Job - 10 drink minimum

2009-03-13 :: Length: 1s
Adam and Chris talk about Chris's wild weekend in Podunk. Nasty Soft Drinks, and all kinds of jobs…

EPISODE 201 Adam is a dirty, dirty whore. - 10 drink minimum

2009-03-03 :: Length: 1s
Adam is mackin on some chicks. The body count in Abq rises, and Chris is afraid of the Russian Mob.…

EPISODE 200 A lot of holes in the desert. - 10 drink minimum

2009-02-24 :: Length: 1s
Adam and Chris talk about the local serial killer, 80's Mexican hair, Need a St. Patricks shirt, and a lot more.…

EPISODE 198 Part 1- $100,000 - 10 drink minimum

2009-02-10 :: Length: 1s
This the first hour of the show. You can watch the whole video at…

EPISODE 197 Chris's Birthday show - 10 drink minimum

2009-02-03 :: Length: 1s
Ben comes back to join Chris and Adam. Chris power drinks beers and gets his family to flip off the camera.…

EPISODE 195 Eskimo Pie - 10 drink minimum

2009-01-22 :: Length: 1s
Adam tells Chris that Eskimo is a racial slur. Its our second live web show. You can watch at…

EPISODE first ever live web show - 10 drink minimum

2009-01-06 :: Length: 1s
Next time we are going to move the camera so that Adam is on screen. We did not know he was not on it. VOTE!…

The Christmas show - 10 drink minimum

2008-12-23 :: Length: 55s
Its the yuletide and we celebrate in kind.…

EPISODE 192 Tour De AbQ - 10 drink minimum

2008-12-16 :: Length: 51s
Adam and Chris talk about the bar crawl they are going to attempt and then we remember the Delta 88…

EPISODE 191 something to tide - 10 drink minimum

2008-12-09 :: Length: 31s
We were working on improving the show and we were not going to do one. At the last moment we decided to.…

EPISODE 190 Absinthe Adam - 10 drink minimum

2008-12-02 :: Length: 54s
Its Adams 30th Birthday and BGA joins us to get ripped on a rare bottle of Absinthe. We also break out the can of Brawndo that Adam has been talking about.…

EPISODE 189 Monster Drink - 10 drink minimum

2008-11-25 :: Length: 50s
Adam and Chris discuss the epidemic of energy drinks and how its way worse then alcohol.…

EPISODE 188 Tupperware Sex party - 10 drink minimum

2008-11-20 :: Length: 49s
Adam and Chris the ruler have returned from a short hiatus. We brewed beer. There is some sex partys involved. We also have some special guests.…

EPISODE 187 Brewing some beer - 10 drink minimum

2008-11-06 :: Length: 38s
We brew some beer for Adams Birthday. Yay Beer.…

EPISODE 186 Granny hates Pigs - 10 drink minimum

2008-10-29 :: Length: 1s
Adam and Chris decide that there favorite golfer is John Daly.…

EPISODE 185 The Ramblers - 10 drink minimum

2008-10-21 :: Length: 54s
We ramble on about a lot of different shit.…

EPISODE 184 The C-Unit - 10 drink minimum

2008-10-15 :: Length: 58s
We play some awesome political ads and look up the origins of some bad words.…

EPISODE 183 That Fat F*ck has had a job for 10 years - 10 drink minimum

2008-10-07 :: Length: 51s
We get some calls and talk about marketing.…

EPISODE 182 2 bucks and your social - 10 drink minimum

2008-09-30 :: Length: 51s
Adam and Chris talk about the crazy weekend that went down.…

EPISODE 181 The real O.C. - 10 drink minimum

2008-09-25 :: Length: 49s
WARNING-Chris and Adam do not condone harming any person or any animals in any way.…

EPISODE 180 -Don't cut me 10 drink minimum

2008-09-16 :: Length: 57s
Adam returns and we get a new call in number. 206-333-1285…

EPISODE show 179 Adam is a serial Killer I think - 10 drink minimum

2008-09-09 :: Length: 55s
Adam is weirdly absent. Big Gay Eric joins me and we try to figure out why.…

EPISODE 178 Sunday Party - 10 drink minimum

2008-09-02 :: Length: 56s
Jerry Reed died and Adam and Chris talk about a bunch of nothing really. A must listen.…

EPISODE 177 The Jimi Hendrix Expierence - 10 drink minimum

2008-08-19 :: Length: 54s
Adam And Chris have a guest and talking about puking while wasted.…

EPISODE 176 Ah the good times - 10 drink minimum

2008-08-12 :: Length: 50s
Adam and Chris look back on a great time they had a couple years back.…

EPISODE 175 Wakefighting- 10 drink minimum

2008-08-05 :: Length: 1s
Adam and Chris have Ross the old intern in before he goes back to school. Adam is really mashed.…

EPISODE 174 2 Year Anniversary - 10 drink minimum

2008-07-22 :: Length: 1s
We celebrate two long and fun years. I would say memorable, but I don't remember too much.…

Roger Clyne Promo

2008-07-15 :: Length: 1s
Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers are coming to Clovis New Mexico to the Clovis City Limits on July 25th, 2008 with Special Guest Kene Terry and The Bourbon Cowboys. Get your tickets at Clovis City Limits or call 575-769-3350. Show starts at 8:30 P.M.…

EPISODE 173 BGA - 10 drink minimum

2008-07-01 :: Length: 1s
Hosts Chris and Adam have our friend Hillary joins us for the show. We question Adams sexuality.…

80s special everything else - 10 drink minimum

2008-06-24 :: Length: 59s
We had a very good time doing this show. check out the photos and videos when posted.…

Special 10DM 80s TV - 10 drink minimum

2008-06-17 :: Length: 49s
Adam and Chris talk about all their favorite 80s tv shows. We did this show live as an experiment. We liked it and we are going to try it again for the next show. Send your comments to…

EPISODE Special 10 DM Music Editon- 10 drink minimum

2008-06-10 :: Length: 1s
Adam, Chris, and Big Gay Eric talk about the music that rock our lives in the 80s. Also on the show we talk about the most awesome weekend we had.…

Special 10Dm 80's edition Movies - 10 drink minimum

2008-06-03 :: Length: 1s
June is 80's month in the 10Dm studio. This is for some of the movies that we like and we are doing music next. So if you want us to talk about a special song…

EPISODE 171 Hair cut sale - 10 drink minimum

2008-05-27 :: Length: 1s
Don't forget to email us your ideas for the All 80s month.…

EPISODE 170 10 Deathrace Minimum 2000- 10 drink minimum

2008-05-20 :: Length: 33s
We talk about a great b movie and the remake. Send us your favorite movies, Music, TV, and news from the 80's for the month of June.…

EPISODE 169 No Brother I cannot spare a dime - 10 drink minimum

2008-05-10 :: Length: 41s
Chris and Adam talk about homeless leeches.…

EPISODE 168 Adam smashed - 10 drink minimum

2008-04-15 :: Length: 32s
Adam and Chris got a little drunk at the bar again.…

EPISODE 167 Adams on You Tube- 10 drink minimum

2008-04-08 :: Length: 32s
Adams on you tube…

EPISODE 166 Easter the second Thanksgiving - 10 drink minimum

2008-03-25 :: Length: 47s
Adam and Chris talk about easter and there is a special St. Pattys show at the end.…

EPISODE 165 Tell The Truth - 10 drink minimum

2008-03-11 :: Length: 34s
I prefer traditional 69.…

EPISODE 164 Party Time - 10 drink minimum

2008-02-27 :: Length: 39s
Your tax dollars buy whores.…

EPISODE 163 Neighbor J - 10 drink minimum

2008-02-19 :: Length: 47s
Adam and Chris have a guest in the 10 DM studio. The sound is a little off because of a new setup.…

EPISODE162 She Underlines the F Scenes for You. - 10 drink minimum

2008-02-12 :: Length: 42s
Adam and Chris return with all new banter. Sorry it took so long. I switched internet providers.…

EPISODE 161 Super Fat Tuesday - 10 drink minimum

2008-02-05 :: Length: 37s
Chris and Adam talk about Chris's birthday, superbowl, and fat tuesday.…

EPISODE 160 Bond gay Bond - 10 drink minimum

2008-01-29 :: Length: 55s
Adam and Chris discuss bond as a gay and T.V. show theme songs.…

EPISODE 159 See and Say - 10 drink minimum

2008-01-22 :: Length: 38s
Heath is no longer with us and Chris and Adam ponder what there death would be like.…

EPISODE 158 You Thirsty Trick - 10 drink minimum

2008-01-15 :: Length: 50s
Chris and Ben return finally with Big Gay Eric in tow. Chris saw the elusive Thirsty trick to day.…

EPISODE 157 Always wear clean underwear.- 10 drink minimum

2007-12-12 :: Length: 53s
Big Gay Eric Joins Ben and Chris in the 10dm studio.…

EPISODE 156 Wow this show got gay. - 10 drink minimum

2007-12-11 :: Length: 44s
Adam returns and Chris has a new roommate.…

EPISODE155 Wheres Adam - 10 drink minimum

2007-11-28 :: Length: 35s
The gang returns from some much needed R and R. Except someone is missing.…

EPISODE 154 2 girls a cup and one grossed out crue - 10 drink minimum

2007-11-07 :: Length: 43s
I dare anyone to check it out. There is nudity and remember I warned you.…

EPISODE 153 Rick Allens Arm - 10 drink minimum

2007-10-29 :: Length: 55s
Chris stays sober and Ben wants to get some.…

EPISODE152 Mullet - 10 drink minimum

2007-10-23 :: Length: 58s
Ben and Chris rant on adam and then we talk about our awesome night at the hockey game.…

EPISODE 151 Lead Free- 10 drink minimum

2007-10-18 :: Length: 35s
Adam and Chris Make fun of artists that get lost in the wooks.…

EPISODE 150 Eat Better Today - 10 drink minimum

2007-10-11 :: Length: 35s
Your welcome for the free food.…

EPISODE 149 Cocktiss Mouth - 10 drink minimum

2007-10-02 :: Length: 51s
Ben and Chris discuss Burritos, and huglines.…

EPISODE 148 Bottomless stripclubs - 10 drink minimum

2007-09-25 :: Length: 56s
Adam and Chris discuss the finer points of nudie clubs a href="" My Podcast Alley feed!/a {pca-e89a401cd2174687f35a921449d0db30}…

EPISODE147 Deep fried sh*t - 10 drink minimum

2007-09-19 :: Length: 51s
We make our triumphant return with one less host…

EPISODE146 Puking Rally- 10 drink minimum

2007-08-27 :: Length: 37s
Adam and Chris talk about the finer things in life.…

EPISODE 145 Not Guilty - 10 drink minimum

2007-08-21 :: Length: 51s
Pacman Jones, My dog fights, grave drunks and urine seats.…

EPISODE 144 Adams fetish - 10 drink minimum

2007-08-14 :: Length: 34s
I guess you will check your money now won't you.…

EPISODE 143 Party like Ross - 10 drink minimum

2007-08-08 :: Length: 40s
Ross grows up and Chris thanks Jason for the fifth of whiskey.…

EPISODE 142 Funky Bunch - 10 drink minimum

2007-08-01 :: Length: 38s
I smell a comeback…

EPISODE 141 Dylan and Ozzy- 10 drink minimum

2007-07-28 :: Length: 59s
We talk about a couple of concerts and the strip club…

EPISODE 140 Lohab - 10 drink minimum

2007-07-24 :: Length: 53s
We got it right. Yeah!…

EPISODE 139 Animal lovers - 10 drink minimum

2007-07-19 :: Length: 50s
Can I have some ranch with my lemur.…

1 Year Anniversary show - 10 drink minimum

2007-07-14 :: Length: 1s
Yay we made it this far.…

EPISODE 138 I was on TV - 10 drink minimum

2007-07-12 :: Length: 52s
Adam is still here and Ben Joins us.…

EPISODE137 Myspace Terror - 10 drink minimum

2007-07-10 :: Length: 50s
Adams Myspace page gets pulled…

EPISODE136 Eat Your Heart Out- 10 drink minimum

2007-07-06 :: Length: 51s
The Americans bring it back home.…

EPISODE135 Hot for teacher - 10 drink minimum

2007-06-28 :: Length: 57s
Adam turns gay? wow…

EPISODE134 Mental Retardation - 10 drink minimum

2007-06-27 :: Length: 51s
Mikey Tuttle? What the hell…

EPISODE133 Nudie Booth - 10 drink minimum

2007-06-20 :: Length: 58s
Fuck you motherFucker…

EPISODE132 Drinking on the job - 10 drink minimum

2007-06-19 :: Length: 57s
Adam gets a cool job…

EPISODE131 Loose Change - 10 drink minimum

2007-06-13 :: Length: 1s
Just roll your money people. Thats all I ask.…

EPISODE130 My humps you bitch - 10 drink minimum

2007-06-11 :: Length: 59s
Ross stops by to tell us all about his trip…

EPISODE129 Mini Keg - 10 drink minimum

2007-06-06 :: Length: 1s
Chris,Adrienne,Ben, and Adam drink a little. Very fun show. At least for us.…

EPISODE128 GFE for life - 10 drink minimum

2007-06-05 :: Length: 56s
Adam stops by and he gets a GFE…

EPISODE127 The hippy and the whore- 10 drink minimum

2007-05-31 :: Length: 1s
Chris, Adrienne and Ben talk about how awesome it is to get old.…

EPISODE 126 See man- 10 drink minimum

2007-05-24 :: Length: 48s
We talk about wife beating and Ranch dressing.…

EPISODE125 waking up drunk - 10 drink minimum

2007-05-21 :: Length: 52s
I have had some killer hangovers before, but nothing this bad.…

EPISODE 124 Topless Carwash- 10 drink minimum

2007-05-17 :: Length: 1s
Write your letters to and win a prize.…

EPISODE 123 Girls Fartin - 10 drink minimum

2007-05-14 :: Length: 42s
We go to the movies and some dude gets pissed at scientoligists…

EPISODE 122 going to Disneyland - 10 drink minimum

2007-05-13 :: Length: 1s
Chris and Adrienne have one of our old cohosts back on the show…

EPISODE 119 Aussie Aussie Light - 10 drink minimum

2007-05-09 :: Length: 1s
Chris and Adrienne Talk about popular culture…

EPISODE118 Freckle shooter - 10 drink minimum

2007-01-30 :: Length: 56s
We have lost a very dear friend that means a lot to the show…

EPISODE 188 Tupperwar Sexparty - 10 drink minimum

2003-11-20 :: Length: 49s
Adam and Chris the ruler have returned from a short hiatus. We brewed beer. There is some sex partys involved. We also have some special guests.…

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10 drink minimum

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10 drink minimum