Last update: 2009-04-05

Not a Proposal

2009-04-05 Length: 1h 30m 54s

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I Don't Owe You a Hug!

2009-03-08 Length: 1h 34m 26s
Jason is pulled over for driving while black | Jason meets his long lost grandma | Jason's Dad wants a hug and is denied | Wade is moving downtown | Context in texting | Band of The Week: Mates of State - "Punchline" | Langerado Music Festival cancelled due to the economy | Record Stores closing | The difference between stealing music and stealing music | Watchmen | Twittering | Buttons on facebook | Shannon bought me tickets | Jason get's backing on the Nick and Nora sittuation | The hats Jason wears during movies | ::News:: | Prince Inks All Over Targets Face! | Michael Jackson - Farewell | Spinal Tap | Sublime | Woodstock 2009 | Journey an American Idol band? | No Doubt Reunion | Heavy Metal: By David Fincher | Chuck Palahniuk is a D-Bag | Jason and Big Lebowski and Black People | Faith No More | The Beatles - 09.09.09 | Wilco: Wilco the Song | Radiohead makes Miley Cyrus cry | Who is she? Join the facebook group: Search 12train Find us on twitter: visit …

Coating the Inner Walls... Of Your Mom!

2009-02-07 Length: 1h 30m 11s
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I'm Buying a Roast Beef Sandwich.

2008-12-14 Length: 1h 55m 36s
The end of this one gets a bit heated. …

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