Last update: 2008-06-07

Episode 8

2008-06-07 Length: 52m 18s

New theme song in the works! Guest starring The Interjector! …

Episode 7

2008-06-05 Length: 1h 5m 3s

Indiana Jones, Happy Camper guest stars! …

Episode 6 - GTA IV & Iron Man

2008-05-09 Length: 1h 48m 22s


Episode 5

2008-05-01 Length: 46m 1s

Why games and movies don't mix plus GTA IV preview. …

1337 Speak NEWS-The FORUMS!

2008-04-27 Length: 1m 47s

Visit and be the first to join the new FORUM! …

Episode 4-2 Bonus Bitches...

2008-04-27 Length: 31m 51s

A little more love from Rapture & Donson. …

Episode 4-1

2008-04-23 Length: 1h 5m 27s

The 10 golden rules of survival horror. Hosted by Donson & Rapture …

Episode 3 - Part 2 (BONUS)

2008-04-12 Length: 1h 11m 45s

The Matrix and Leatherheads... Star Wars games and the Junk Bag winner announced. GOOD TIMES required. …

Episode 3 - Part 1

2008-04-08 Length: 1h 17m 28s
Smash Bros. Brawl, Dark Sector, Rainbow Six Vegas 2 and Crysis all given the 60 minute review. Kevin Spacey in 21 and Indiana Jones trailer reviewed. Roms and Emulators discussed and of course all of the usual shenanigans. …

1337 Speak Live - Episode 2

2008-04-01 Length: 1h 2m 30s
Meet Donson and The Boy! …

1337 Speak Live - Episode 1

2008-03-27 Length: 25m 59s
Episode 1 of a show from normal guys for normals about tech, news, gaming and 1337 culture. Starring Rapture Rabbit and Carleone. …

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