Last update: 2012-02-10

360 Nation Episode 3-6: Catching up!

2012-02-10 Length: 37m 26s
This week Justin and Alex talk about catching up, a few racing games, and maybe chipping away at their backlog! Thanks for listening and remember to tell a friend and leave some feedback! …

360 Nation Episode 3-5: A little Slow

2012-02-04 Length: 28m 45s
This week Justin and Alex cover a little news, a new trivia game Alex played and not too much else going on this week! Thanks for listening, remember to leave us some feedback at and remember to post on! …

360 Nation Episode 3-4: New Xbox!?

2012-01-27 Length: 41m 47s
This week Justin and Alex tackle the rumors surrounding the Xbox future console, and some new releases and some DLC titles you might have missed. Thanks for listening! for the question for next week! …

360 Nation Episode 3-3: Dark demo and Sequels!

2012-01-19 Length: 42m 38s
This week Justin and Alex talk about the new XBL demos, and the top ten selling games of 2011. Thanks for listening, send your feedback/comments to and remember to follow us on twitter! @360Nation …

360 Nation Episode 3-2: Dungeon Gamers

2012-01-14 Length: 58m 4s
This week Justin and Alex are joined by Chris aka LAAG from to talk about their latest gaming adventures, some new XBL demos, and a big slew of upcoming titles coming in February on XBL. Enjoy, and thanks for listening! …

360 Nation Episode 3-1: Happy New Year!

2012-01-07 Length: 59m 33s
New year,new games, and a new official co-host! Alex and Justin talk about whats been keeping them busy, AND their personal picks for their games of the year - also the worst game of the year! Thanks for listening, and keep gaming! for any feedback …

360 Nation Episode 2-32: Update and news!

2011-12-07 Length: 12m 9s
Lots happening, Justin finished his big test and now he can focus on the podcast! New episodes and content incoming! This episode, a little news for you! …

360 Nation Episode 2-30: Forza and Gears of war!

2011-10-13 Length: 38m 9s
This week Justin is joined by Chris to talk about the new Forza and the latest Gears of War! Also an updated release schedule! REMEMBER EXTRA LIFE IS THIS WEEKEND! Check for more info! …

360 Nation Episode 2-29: Update!!

2011-09-27 Length: 7m 55s
Quick update before some major releases hit this fall, what you can expect from the upcoming shows! …

360 Nation Episode 2-28: The beginning of releases!

2011-09-15 Length: 37m 28s
This week Justin is joined by Greg from to talk about a movie game he finished, a little hype for Gears of War 3 next week, and Justin finishes Deus Ex. Thanks for listening and remember to send your feedback to …

360 Nation Episode 2-23: Update!

0000-00-00 Length: 9m 4s

Having a huge computer issue so here is an update episode for your ears!!! Enjoy and if you are interested in co-hosting, send an email to…

360 Nation Episode 2-21: Papercrafting!

0000-00-00 Length: 1h 26m 32s

This week Justin is joined by Dave to talk about what they've been playing and an interview with one of the creators of Papercraft, available in the indie marketplace. Remember to leave feedback on iTunes and be sure give us your opinion on the foru…

360 Nation Episode 2-24: Update

0000-00-00 Length: 11m 51s

Update episode, nothing too crazy but if you are interested in co-hosting, shoot an email over…

360 Nation Episode 2-25: Hot Summer Update

0000-00-00 Length: 11m 57s

This week Justin updates the show with what he's been up to lately, new projects too!…

360 Nation Episode 2-26: News updates

0000-00-00 Length: 8m 16s

This week Justin gives a quick update, thanks for listening! …

360 Nation Episode 2-27: Augmented

0000-00-00 Length: 59m 26s

This week Justin is joined by David from to talk about the new EA pass and why its worth the extra money. Justin touches on the new Deus Ex, and the new releases and Xbox live discounts this week! Enjoy, thanks for listening, and as alw…

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