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808T E.142 – Hawaii Pic Of The Day

Aloha! It’s another beautiful Sunday morning in Hawaii! Back again from a podcast hiatus and feeling good to be on the mic. Today we go over some Hawaii news that has happened so far in 2012 and we reminisce about the beginning roots (podcast) here at 808Talk. Our feature today is a new website from [...]…

808T E.141 – Hawaii Five-0 Sunday Morning

Aloha on this beautiful Sunday morning! It’s been awhile, but we’re still here. Back in the recording booth and asking our listeners out there how they feel about the new Hawaii Five-0 series in comparison to the original series. Also we introduce a tease from some new music and give tribute to our great service [...]…

808T E.140 – Merry Christmas From Hawaii

It’s almost Christmas 2010 and I can’t believe that we have only released a podcast one time this year! That just goes to show you how busy things have been, but with that said we still have delivered a lot of Hawaii content at 808Talk which you should take some time to check out. Today [...]…

808T E.139 – Looking Back On Hawaii 2009

Aloha 2010 and goodbye 2009! Last year brought may great things as well as many great struggles in both Hawaii, the United States and the World. Today we look back at some of the interesting, funny, strange or just plain crazy news that hit Hawaii in 2009. We also introduce the new 808Talk iPhone app [...]…

808T E.138 – Hello Aloha

Hello and Aloha! Yes once again it’s been quite a while since we put out a show, but we are back. Today we wanted to introduce you to the new show “Ha Breath of Life” at the Polynesian Cultural Center. We recently had the pleasure of being the guest of PCC during a social media [...]…

808T E.137 – So Much More Hawaii

Aloha and welcome to another podcast episode. I know it’s been quite a while since we put out a show, but today is a day more special than most. Today we celebrate not only the Birthday of our creator Vernon Brown, but also our own 4th Birthday as well. Some of the lineup in the [...]…

808Talk Mar. 15 Update

Aloha all, just a phoned in podcast today to give you some updates from 808Talk world. I’m currently on a trip away from the beautiful islands and should be back in about 3-6 weeks if all goes well. Just wanted to fill you in on a few things and also remind you that there are [...]…

808T E.136 – End Of Another GREAT Hawaii Year!

This looks to be our last podcast for the 2008 year! Today we catch you up on things that took place over the past few months in the islands. From details of Kanye’s new album to the Obama’s who are vacationing in the island, we get you up to speed on all Hawaii things. As [...]…

808T E.135 – Why Hawaii Rocks For Events

Today we’re joined by ET (@ierict) on this special Podcamp Hawaii edition. We discuss what its like to move away from Hawaii and then return again and why you as a company or business should choose Hawaii for your event using a place such as the Hawaii Convention Center. We encourage you to check out [...]…

808T E.134 – HTA Director Rex Johnson Stay Or Go

I know several months have passed since our last show, so today we get you caught up on things around Hawaii. Big topic of discussion of course is the recent invents surrounding the HTA Executive Director Rex Johnson. We explain a few of the details regarding the request by many for him to resign or [...]…

808T E.133 – Hawaiian Style Obama Mania And Podcamp Hawaii

Barack Obama has a big fan base in Hawaii and he should have considering he was born in the Aloha State. He also amazingly has a large following in Japan in at least one city that shares the same name; Obama, Japan. For those who have not had the pleasure of checking out the Hawaii [...]…

808T E.132 – Makana Mraz And World’s Longest Fresh Flower Lei

First of all we wanted to send a Happy Mother’s Day out there to all the wonderful mother’s of the world. Today we catch up on news and events from around Hawaii including the recent record of the “World’s Longest Fresh Flower Lei” set by the City and County of Honolulu on May Day/Lei Day. [...]…

808T E.131 – The Power Of Hawaiian Goddess Pele

The Hawaiian Goddess Pele continues to show her magnificent power on the Big Island of Hawaii by creating new land daily and covering the skies over Hawaii with massive vog. If you’re visiting Hawaii soon, then you’ll want to listen in as Hawaii Lisa gives us the latest updates straight from the source. Also recent [...]…

808T E.130 – RED Hawaii Lava

Recently there have been some amazing developments on the Big Island of Hawaii since a new lava flow has formed. Listen in today to learn more about the Volcanoes National Park and the current developments. Also new music from Hawaii sensation O-Shen and some talk about the new and improved 808Talk Hawaii, which is now [...]…

808T E.129 – Hawaii Welcomes You In 2008

In this wonderful new year of 2008, why not plan a trip to beautiful Hawaii and experience all that paradise has to offer. Today we introduce you to a company that offers a variety of eco tours here on the island of Oahu and we discuss our recent experience in a new first of a [...]…

808T E.128 – Happy SUGAR New BOWL Year

So 2007 is at an end and its time for a brand new year! First we wanted to say its great to be back podcasting and second GO WARRIORS! Now on to the show…today we feature a UH Warrior tribute song and introduce a brand new artist who is not only from Hawaii, but also [...]…

808Talk Dec. 4 Update – 7 Days Of Christmas

Aloha again from the cold and wet Pacific Northwest. Today is another update and will probably be our last before returning back home to Hawaii. Some noteworthy things to update you on is the news about the Hawaii Warriors becoming the WAC Champions and the acceptance into the Sugar Bowl where they will play the [...]…

808Talk Nov. 22 Update – Hau’oli La Ho’omakika’i

Happy Thanksgiving or as they say in Hawaiian, Hau’oli La Ho’omakika’i. Today, I just wanted to take the time to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season as we kick it off with Thanksgiving. Another bonus in this update includes some more ukulele music from Hawaii to keep you in the Aloha Spirit. Also, [...]…

808Talk Nov. 18 Update

Aloha all, today is another brief phoned in update to let you know that things are okay up here in the Pacific Northwest and also to tell you that I have come to appreciate Hawaii even more after being in the Seattle area for two weeks now. Check out the pic of Waikiki above which [...]…

808Talk Nov. 4 Update

Aloha all, today is just a brief phoned in update to let you know that things are okay in the Aloha State even after the severe flash flood watches that have been in effect. Due to an upcoming trip to Seattle, Washington for work we will be taking a short break for about 3-4 weeks, [...]…

808T E.127 – Meet Darin Leong

On our last 808Talk TV episode we were fortunate to have special guest Darin Leong with us to talk story. Today we share the audio from the video interview we did and let you get a little insight into who Darin Leong is and as a bonus you get to hear a wonderful live performance [...]…

808T E.126 – Kailua-Kona Ironman (Replay)

This is a special REPLAY edition of episode 74 which was originally released on Sunday, October 22th, 2006. I hope you enjoy this replay show while I put together a special 808Talk TV episode. Let nothing stop the Ironman World Championship could have been the motto this year, since the recent Hawaii earthquake could not [...]…

808T E.125 – Superferry Earthquake UH Ironman

The title says it all. Today we discuss the latest in Hawaii Superferry news, along with a reminiscence of last years big Hawaii earthquake and sports talk about the UH Warriors and the Hawaii Ironman challenge. Music today is from Jacob Kongaika (Cubworld) of Laie, Hawaii. As always, remember we love to hear from our [...]…

808T E.124 – Hawaiian Lei Makers

Looks like a good chance that the Hawaii Superferry will be packing up and leaving the islands. We discuss the latest on that heated topic and more Hawaii news as well as tell you the best place to find some wonderful Hawaiian Lei makers on Oahu. New music today courtesy of IODA Promonet so stop [...]…

808T E.123 – USS Missouri / Mighty MO

One of Americas greatest historic landmarks, the USS Missouri, is moored right here at Ford Island in beautiful Oahu and provides our main topic of discussion in todays show. Current weekly news in Hawaii as well as some reminiscent Hawaiian instrumental music is also featured to wrap up another great podcast. As always, remember we [...]…

808T E.121 – Kauai Coconut Festival

Coconuts for all! Today we talk about the wonderful festival to celebrate the coconut which takes place every October on the Garden Isle of Kauai. New music from a new artist on the island of Maui and I talk a little more in depth about the Hawaii Superfe…

808T E.120 – Aloha Festivals Hawaii

Its Aloha time again! Yes the annual Aloha Festivals is here again and today we go over this years theme (Ke Kahua Lani O Hawaii), the history of the festivals and introduce you to some Hawaiian Falsetto. Not sure what Falsetto is? No worries because we c…

808T E.122 – Lanai, Not Just Pineapples

So many have a misunderstanding about the Hawaiian Island of Lanai, but today we clear that up and explain that its not just all pineapples. We also fill you in on the new Hawaiian artist CD releases coming out this week and discuss whats going on in Hawa…

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808Talk : Hawaii Podcast ハワイポッドキャスト

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