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Episode 78 – Whatcha Playin’ 6.23.13

2013-06-25 :: Matt Hunter
On this episode we invite long time fan, Zach Filstrup on the show to talk about the games we have been playing. Zach revisits a new release of an old favorite, Sly Cooper: Theives in Time. We discuss the gameplay, … Continue reading

Episode 77 – The $325,000 Console

2013-06-19 :: Matt Hunter
The new A Jumps B Shoots studio is up! Sorry about how long this took. We recorded an episode about the new console generation before E3. Our intention was to release our thoughts both pre and post E3 however, the … Continue reading

Episode 76 – Whatcha Playin’ 06.03.13

2013-06-03 :: Matt Hunter
We’re back! Infinite apologies for the lapse in episodes. Let’s get back on this horse. Steve pushes our feelings of a disappointing AAA year with the poor showing of Star Trek and an especially discouraging moment with the game Soul … Continue reading

Episode 75 – Death Becomes Us

2013-05-16 :: Matt Hunter
Death can either mean everything or nothing in a game. It can be the central obstacle to overcome or a minor inconvenience in a grand adventure. Whatever it means, it’s influence on how we approach and play games is undeniable. … Continue reading

Episode 74 – Whatcha Playin’ 05.06.13

2013-05-06 :: Matt Hunter
On this episode Rich and Matt dive into their fondness for downloadable local multiplayer games with Behemoth’s follow up to Castle Crashers, Battleblock Theater, and the beautifully designed metriodvania tale of a luchador out for revenge, Guacamelee. Steve changes the … Continue reading

Spoilerific Ep 1 – Bioshock Infinite

2013-04-22 :: Matt Hunter
Spoilerific will be a monthly show released on the last Wednesday of the month where Matt invites a guest to talk about what they loved, hated, admired, and to generally dig deeper into our favorite games. This episode I talk … Continue reading

Episode 73 – Whatcha Playin’ 04.15.13

2013-04-15 :: Matt Hunter
It’s a Tomb Raider extravaganza! Well, except for Rich, who brings a game called SpaceChem to our attention. A slick little puzzle game that seriously challenges our ability to think ahead and split the basic molecules that make up our … Continue reading

Episode 72 – 16-Bit World

2013-04-08 :: Matt Hunter
Our buddy Roo, host of 16-bit Gems and Way Games Work, joins us to explore a 16-bit universe. The 16-bit aesthetic has persisted well past it’s console era. The style has shown up in countless console games, the music is … Continue reading

Episode 71 – An April Fool’s Whatcha Playin’

2013-04-01 :: Matt Hunter
Well, this is our final episode. Thank you guys so much for everything! It’s been a great run! Rich explores the couch-bound multiplayer joys of the console American RPG scene with…

Guest episode: Unlistenable Podcast ep. 37

2013-03-28 :: Matt Hunter
Here is a guest episode from the deep, dark recesses of the Unlistenable’s vault. This week the Unlistenable kids talk to the Lord of Apple Valley, Gus Mastrapa. We talk to Gus about his piece, “A Shooter About Guns“. Our … Continue reading

Episode 70 – Topic Grab Bag

2013-03-26 :: Matt Hunter
With PAX East and GDC butting up right against each other, coming across a guest was just about impossible. Even the triumphant return of Steve Haske had to call in from GDC. To solve this, we decided to pick some … Continue reading

Episode 69 – Whatcha Playin’ 03.18.13

2013-03-20 :: Matt Hunter
With Steve’s absence from the show Rich and Matt plow through a 2-man whatcha playin’ pow-wow. Rich starts the episode with his adventures down the hills with the latest SSX title. We then discuss the limited replay-ability of racing games … Continue reading

Episode 68 – Laying an Electronic Frontier Foundation

2013-03-06 :: Matt Hunter
Laws in the United States have famously been lagging behind the break neck speed of video game technology. For a long time we’ve had our white knight represent us in court cases and with patent law, the Electronic Frontier Foundation. … Continue reading

Episode 67 – Whatcha Playin’ 02.25.13

2013-02-25 :: Matt Hunter
On this episode we invite Charles Moran of the Unlistenable podcast to talk about what we have been playing as of late. We also wanted to make the announcement that the Unlistenable podcast and A Jumps B Shoots will be … Continue reading

Episode 66 – Getting Brainy about Game Violence

2013-02-11 :: Matt Hunter
Michael Abbott, also known as the Featuring tracks by Brainy Gamer, has a unique voice in games journalism. For this episode, he adds a perspective about game violence straight from the pages of the Brainy Gamer blog. Our conversation tackles several … Continue reading

Episode 65 – Whatcha Playin’ 02.04.13

2013-02-05 :: Matt Hunter
This week’s Whatcha Playin’ contains a special guest: AJBS’ very own social media manager, Jarrett Civelli. Jarrett makes it a point to talk about Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, the beautiful JRPG mashup between Dragon Quest’s Level-5 and … Continue reading

Episode 64 – Violence in Context

2013-01-29 :: Matt Hunter
  There is a conversation in America about violence in videogames. While the cool-headed and rational among us don’t believe this medium signals the end times, the debate—or blame—rages on. And the points of either side rarely change. Yet the … Continue reading

Epiosde 63 – Whatcha Playin’ 01.21.13

2013-01-21 :: Matt Hunter
This week’s Whatcha Playin’ features a newly rebooted IP, an intense iOS game and some retro multiplayer madness: Rich dives into VVVVVV creator Terry Cavanagh‘s Super Hexagon with all its fast-paced intensity—Cavanagh has clearly not lost his touch for smart game … Continue reading

Episode 62 – Hiding in Shadows

2013-01-14 :: Matt Hunter
Stealth design is more prevalent than it used to be—even more typical action titles seem to have at least a level devoted to hiding in the shadows. Where then does that leave a core stealth experience? How can it stand … Continue reading

Episode 61 – Whatcha Playin’ 01.07.12

2013-01-07 :: Matt Hunter
Our first Whatcha Playin’ of the new year brings a few games back from our past, for better or worse. Matt sings the praises—and laments the maddening qualities—of the old-school Heroes of Might and Magic 3 and Ultima 8: Pagan, discussing his experiences … Continue reading

Episode 60 – 2012: A Year in Review

2013-01-01 :: Matt Hunter
2012 is at an end, and with it, AJBS reflects back on the year in gaming: surprises, disappointments and (obviously) favorites of the year. How do yours measure up? Featuring tracks from Ubiktune‘s Wintertunes Compilation Biggest Surprises: Sine Mora Hotline Miami … Continue reading

Happy Holiday Tidings!

Hey all, we just wanted to take a minute to say thanks for listening. We hope you have a merry christmas and enjoy the holiday season! -AJBS…

Episode 59 – Whatcha Playin’? 12.24.12

2012-12-24 :: Matt Hunter
It’s a Christmas whatcha playin’! So this is going to be quick… Rich Lau: Artemis! Steve Haske: Far Cry 3! Matt Hunter: Hotline Miami! Music: Mr.Spastic! Merry Christmas and/or other non-denominational holiday tidings! Love, AJBS…

Episode 58 – PK Design!

2012-12-17 :: Matt Hunter
The game Earthbound means a lot of things to a lot of people. It’s a defining moment in games history, even if most people have never played it. It stands as one of the absolute best 16-bit RPG’s up there … Continue reading

Episode 57 – Whatcha Playin’ 12.03.12

2012-12-03 :: Matt Hunter
This week it’s all games—Steve plays the first part of Assassin’s Creed III‘s audacious six hour intro and talks about its place in the series timeline and mythology, morphing into a conversation about the keen eye for historical accuracy Ubisoft’s design team … Continue reading

Episode 56 – Transgaming

2012-11-26 :: Matt Hunter
There are people in this world who aren’t comfortable the way they were born. Their attitudes and habits suggest that perhaps a woman can feel like a man, or visa versa. Transgendered people all over the world have lived through … Continue reading

Episode 55 – Whatcha Playin’ 11.19.12

2012-11-19 :: Matt Hunter
Emily Jarrett decides that we aren’t too shabby a podcast and sticks around for a Whatcha Playin’. Emily conjurs up a conversation about completionism when she brings up the game Psychonauts. What is it about the gamer’s brain that drives … Continue reading

Episode 54 – God and Gaming

2012-11-05 :: Matt Hunter
Mythologies and religious stories can infuse a sense of familiarity and structure to a game’s narrative or moral discussion mechanic. It can inspire great things from a player or offer a sense of introspection. Matt and Rich are atheists. Their … Continue reading

Episode 53 – Whatcha Playin’ 10.29.12

2012-10-30 :: Matt Hunter
We invite Chuck Moran of Unwinnable back to talk about the games we’ve been playing. Chuck gives us a lot to think about concerning 1st person shooters. Steve cures his Dishonored disappointment with a little HD remake love from Doom … Continue reading

Episode 52 – Constantly Unwinning

2012-10-22 :: Matt Hunter
Help! We are being taken over by the Unlistenable podcast! Wait, this is pretty cool. Nevermind, we’re good. We are joined by editor at large of Unwinnable and host of The Unlistenable Podcast, Chuck Moran. We talk about the upcoming … Continue reading

Episuda 51 – Whatcha Playin’ 10.15.12

2012-10-15 :: Matt Hunter
On this week’s whatcha playin’, Rich outlines the Super Famicom classic Clock Tower before going in-depth with Klei’s Mark of the Ninja; Steve slights Resident Evil 6 (for reasons previously stated in episode 48) for the original …

Episode 50 – Whatcha Playin’ @ the Portland Retro Game Expo

2012-10-08 :: Matt Hunter
We conclude our trip to the The Portland Retro Gaming Expo (PRGE) with Matt walking the floor and asking “Whatcha playing”? We talk with Roo from 16 bit Gems, Mark the “Mad Marquis” of Critical Hit Burlesque, Will Lewis- president … Continue reading

Episode 49 – Portland Retro Game Expo

2012-10-01 :: Matt Hunter
For the past several years, The Portland Retro Gaming Expo (PRGE) has been growing and attracting retro gamers from all over the country. This year, it has taken a huge leap taking over an entire hall of the Oregon Convention … Continue reading

Episode 48 – Whatcha Playin’ 09.24.12

2012-09-25 :: Matt Hunter
For this episode we invite Gerritt Rosa from Fangamer to talk about the games we’ve been playing. Gerritt exposes his secret love of management systems with the games Faster than Light and Plague Inc. Rich strips away the peels of … Continue reading

Episode 47 – Barf Rooms and Laser Sandwiches

2012-09-17 :: Matt Hunter
Scott Campbell has had a hand in some of the most iconic images in video games. Whether its the metal inspired chill spots in Brutal Legend, the Lungfish and Raz in Psychonauts, or concept art for the Double Fine Adventure, … Continue reading

Episode 46 – PAX Adventure 2012

2012-09-04 :: Matt Hunter
Matt took a trip to the fabled land of Seattle, WA to experience the 8th Wonder of the World that is PAX. Amidst the sea of cosplayers, MMO junkies, Counter-Strike pros, Nintendo fanboys, booth babes, and wide-eyed first-timers… there were … Continue reading

Episode 44 – Micropalooza

2012-08-27 :: Matt Hunter
Every year Portland has it’s own chipmusic festival organized by A Jumps B Shoots and Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade, Micropalooza. This year brought together 8 artists from the Pacific Northwest and California. Here are clips from each of the 8 … Continue reading

Episode 45 – Whatcha Playin’ 08.27.12

2012-08-27 :: Matt Hunter
This week on AJBS, Steve talks about ominous messages in Animal Crossing: City Folk and discusses how Sleeping Dogs is one of the year’s best (unexpected) surprises; meanwhile, Rich has family over and explores how to put together a good gaming session with … Continue reading

Episode 43 – Whatcha Playin’ 08.13.12

2012-08-13 :: Matt Hunter
This week the discussion focuses around death—whether it’s a game that kills you mercilessly or an examination of uncertainty, AJBS explores one of gaming’s most enduring topics in this week’s Whatcha Playin’. Rich examines his own mortality with XBLA’s Spelunky, comparing … Continue reading

Episode 42 – Steady Diet of Video Games

2012-08-06 :: Matt Hunter
This week we chat with the founder of Shred Veggie, Michael “Milk” Millikin. He has been maintaining his blog as a way to share both how to eat better while gaming, and how to game better while eating. We talk … Continue reading

Episode 41 – Whatcha Playin’ 07.30.12

2012-07-30 :: Matt Hunter
Today’s Whatcha Playin’ is a study in predecessors: we talk about each of this episode’s games in context to its predecessors and look at how this informed our opinions on the titles in question. Rich talks about the magical plantlife … Continue reading

Episode 40 – Point-Counter-Point: Is Lollipop Chainsaw Any Good?

2012-07-24 :: Matt Hunter
Frequently on AJBS, we have a unified opinion about most games. Half Life? Loved it. Dead Space? Yes please. Portal? Seconds. Surprisingly, co-hosts Rich Lau and Steve Haske both exclaimed drastically differing views about Grasshopper Manufacture’s Lollipop Chainsaw. Hashing it out seemed … Continue reading

Episode 39 – Whatcha Playin’ 07.16.12

2012-07-16 :: Matt Hunter
So, we’re trying something a little different at A Jumps B Shoots HQ: For the next few (or several, or whatever) weeks the podcast’s format is going to be shortened and run weekly. What does that mean to you, our … Continue reading

Episode 38 – Mr. Haske Goes to E3

2012-07-02 :: Matt Hunter
E3 has been in slow decline in importance over the years. Companies have not been using it as the big reveal venue as they have in previous years. Instead its a catch up for every little detail they plan on … Continue reading

Episode 37 – With a Collective ‘Meh’

2012-06-18 :: Matt Hunter Length: 1s
News outlets have gotten plenty of practice manufacturing hyperbole surrounding sex and violence in video games. What we seem to brush aside, however, is the rampant lack of serious coverage in main stream media. When video games do get the … Continue reading

Episode 36 – Blip Festival 2012

2012-06-05 :: Matt Hunter
Blip Festival is often considered three nights of the world’s best chip music. For the artists, visualists, vendors, and die hard fans it’s more of a chip summer camp, with everyone who was once shrouded by the veil of the internet appears … Continue reading

Episode 35 – 2012: A Year In Controversy (So Far)

2012-05-21 :: Matt Hunter Length: 1s
From slander against Japanese video game development to making game narrative a democratic process, 2012 has all ready been a newsworthy year, and we’re not quite halfway through. This week we’re joined by Rowan Kaiser of The Onion’s AV Club … Continue reading

Episode 34 – Live at the 2012 Stumptown Comic Fest

2012-05-14 :: Matt Hunter Length: 1s
A Jumps B Shoots had the opportunity to be one of the live streaming podcasts at Portland’s Stumptown Comic Festival 2012, alongside veteran podcasts Dangerous Kids, Chronicles of the Nerd, Geek in the City, Going Last, Kaijucast, and Dawn Taylor Presents. It … Continue reading

Episode 33 – How Games Saved my Life with Ashly Burch

2012-04-30 :: Matt Hunter
How Games Saved My Life is a blog dedicated to sharing people’s stories on how video games made a significant impact on their lives. Whether it was the ability to identify with an avatar, distraction from a bad situation, or … Continue reading

Episode 32 – Smart Media

2012-04-16 :: Matt Hunter Length: 1s
  The internet has given us a forum to talk about video games with our peers on a scale that we never thought possible. While most game writing sticks to gameplay or the bottom line over in terms of recommending … Continue reading

Episode 31 – Indie Game: The Podcast

2012-04-02 :: Matt Hunter
Indie Game: The Movie follows three independent game developers on their journey to complete the seemingly insurmountable task of completing a video game without the aid of a giant studio. Featuring Jonathan Blow (Braid), Phil Fish (Fez), and Team Meat (Super … Continue reading

Episode 30 – Gaming, Developing, Conferencing

2012-03-18 :: Matt Hunter
Our co-host Steve Haske just got back from the 2012 Game Developers Conference, and to celebrate his first foray into the “summer-camp” for industry types and developers, we welcome our friend and fellow game journalist Jeffrey Matulef back to the show to talk about … Continue reading

Episode 29 – Kickstart My Doc

2012-03-05 :: Matt Hunter Length: 1s
Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter Kickstarter has ushered in a new method of funding projects. Now, group of people can band together and fund a project into existence, while getting thank you gifts in return. Some people have called it a … Continue reading

Episode 28 – This was the Moment

2012-02-20 :: Matt Hunter Length: 1s
We all encounter fleeting moments we wish could stick with us indefinitely while playing certain games—moments we want to define why we play. This week we’re joined by Conrad Zimmerman, news editor of Destructoid, as we dig in to the … Continue reading

Episode 27 – Shut Up and Take My Money

2012-02-06 :: Matt Hunter Length: 1s
The debate over buying new games versus used has an active conversation between consumers, publishers and developers for years. Yet the evidence that it’s a one-sided argument—and one that consumers don’t necessarily have a fair say in—only seems to be … Continue reading

Episode 26 – Did You Catch That?

2012-01-23 :: Matt Hunter Length: 1s
Some stories are puzzles that require time and patience. Bits of narrative may be hinted at, but not brought to the forefront. In these cases it’s our job to piece together the hidden meaning—one that requires a special type of … Continue reading

Episode 25 – Our Favorites from Year V2.11

2012-01-09 :: Matt Hunter Length: 1s
It’s the beginning of 2012. To mark the occasion (as well as the airing of our 25th episode) we recorded a three-segment discussion of games we loved, more games we loved and our biggest disappointments of last year (with special … Continue reading

Episode 24 – A Picture, A Sound, A Word

2011-12-25 :: Matt Hunter Length: 1s
Video games seem to have an aesthetic all their own. The medium demands the creator give up direction of their works to an outside audience; so crafting the visuals, sound, dialog, and story around this constraint has built a unique … Continue reading

Episode 23 – Perils of Memory

2011-12-11 :: Matt Hunter Length: 1s
Have you ever returned to a game fondly remembered from childhood only to bluntly discover it’s not the masterpiece you recall? The dangers of rose-colored glasses, and how they inform our opinion and perception as gamers, are ever-present—particularly in a … Continue reading

Episode 22 – PIG Squad’s Indie Game Adventure

2011-11-28 :: Matt Hunter Length: 1s
In this episode we talk with Will Lewis and John Henrich, founders of the Portland Indie Game Squad, about the creation of their developer collective as well as the philosophy of what does—or does not—make a game “indie”. Whether an indie … Continue reading

Episode 21 – Sega Scream

2011-11-07 :: Matt Hunter Length: 1s
Retro revivals are ground that must be carefully tread on. What approach can a company take when trying to make a beloved franchise relevant again while not upsetting its already-established fanbase? With the dual 2D-vs-3D gameplay styles of the 20th … Continue reading

Episode 20 – Kicking Your Friends In the Face

2011-10-24 :: Matt Hunter Length: 1s
We here at the podcast carry on while Steve is enjoying his break in Australia. Things turn violent (not really) when we talk with Ethan Husted and Angel de la Paz of Portland’s game tourney organization Best Bout. We explore … Continue reading

Episode 19 – How to Buy a Halo with Ed Fries

2011-10-10 :: Matt Hunter
Halo 2600 may just sound like the fan project you’d never see, but thanks to Ed Fries—current head of 3D imaging modeler Figure Prints and former VP of Microsoft Studios who can include an instrument role launching the original Xbox, … Continue reading

Episode 18 – Portland Retro Gaming Expo ’11

2011-09-28 :: Matt Hunter
We shopped, we played, we talked—another year and another successful Portland Retro Gaming Expo has passed. For our coverage from PRGE 2011, we talk with expo head Chuck Van Pelt about the challenges of organizing a retro gaming convention; game … Continue reading

Episode 17 – Cultured Conversation

2011-09-19 :: Matt Hunter
Michael Brown, freelance writer and creator of Cultured magazine, sits down with us over Skype to reflect on his experiences working in print media as well as the changing face of physical and digital formats in video game journalism. The … Continue reading

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